Fire-Carved Log Furniture

Fire-Carved Log Furniture

in this video I will show you how to
make this type of log fire carved furniture now you’re looking at the
sections of a pine tree fallen by a hurricane most of the core from the tree
trunk sections were intentionally burned out which made the improvised stools and
table significantly lighter and gave them an interesting character it all
started when I decided to fry freshly caught rybooshka fish using a Finnish
log torch rather than a campfire I think the fried ryabushka fish
prepared on the log torch is the most delicious fish dish out there you might
have noticed that my log torch is a bit different from the classical Finnish
torch let’s talk about the details to make the log torch you will need to cut
a section of a log about 17 inches 42 to 44 cm long I made two crisscross rip
cuts to shape a stool with four legs however you can make a stool with three
or five legs using this method now we need to start a fire inside the rip cuts
and wait till it burns down the cuts the easiest way to do it is to use fire
starting fluid but I’m not looking for the easy ways I hammered for sacrificial
wooden stakes that will keep the legs in even length the stakes will eventually
burn out but they will preserve the bottoms of the legs from over burning
you need to keep an eye on the fire and put it out on time otherwise the log
will completely burn if desired you can scrape the chart portions off of the log
and round the edges of the sit this will look better and feel more comfortable if
I had a wire scratch brush with me in the wilderness I would have done a
better job at scraping off the charred pieces in the fire carved log furniture part
two I will show you how to make cylindrical and oval-shaped
holes in the logs I recorded this video in 2014 since then a lot of things have
changed at my camp for example I built a log cabin using fallen trees but this
fire carved log furniture is still serving me well it is still very comfortable to
use and easy to carry in other words this
Furniture is surprisingly long-lasting even in the humidity of the northern
forests although I have made other primitive camping furniture over the
years this fire carved log furniture is still in use and going strong perhaps
one of my upcoming videos will be about my dome made from tree branches and
plastic wrap also I’m editing an upcoming video that
will show how to make this type of camping cut made from a couple of
recycled sacks and large sticks if you liked this video and want to help grow
this channel please share it with others I really appreciate your contribution
thank you for your kind words and support this video would not have
existed without your outstanding encouragement
this is Max Egorov thank you for watching and I hope to see you back

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  1. Максим, я не знаю, твой голос звучит в английской озвучке, или нет, но он сильно отличается от оригинала и звучит как-то напряжённо и механистически что ли……😕

  2. Максим! Название этого ролика и текст под ним даются на русскозычную аудиторию в автоматическом переводе с английского и звучат коряво (Огонь-Резная Мебель Журнал Все началось, когда я решил недавно малька ловил Рябушка рыбы, используя финскую факел журнала (ака а канадский факел журнала), а не у костра. Я закончил тем, что многие блюда, а также мой огонь–резной деревянной мебелью.) . Вставьте свой собственный русский текст. Успеха вам!

  3. Американцы подумают, что молодой Путин делает огненную мебель )

  4. Turn the log to it's side and cut with the fibres of the wood instead of cutting it from the top. It's faster and your chain doesn't get dull as quick. Just make sure the chain doesn't get stuck cause the fibres come out very long and tend to jam the chain. In germany we're using two different types of chains. The normal ones are made to cut wood diagonaly but also there's ones for cutting wood lengthwise. Those ones are sharpened in a different angle 10° (regular chain has 35°…). It's not necesary to have both tho. You can use a normal one and change the angle to 20° – 25° that works good for both kind of cuts…

    Maybe you know all of this. Just thought I mention it. I'm learning quite a lot watching your videos. Thanks a lot and keep going….

  5. Awesome job and very interesting. Old school building like our great grandparents did. Being of Polish heritage I can relate to this. Being self sufficient is a way of life and is never wrong. Send more videos I love them. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻🖖🏻❤️🐾🐾

  6. Great videos! I have a question about the land on which you built you awesome cabin. Is it 'public land' or national forest or private land that you bought. If private, how much did you buy and for what amount? $6580 rubles =$100. Thanks Maxi.

  7. Я только за если человек стремится изучать больше языков, но при этом твой контент теряет акцент русского Левши. Кстати, не советую так же т.к данный материал получается дублирующий контент, за что на ютюбе могут сделать бобо. Т.к. алгоритмы понимают данный материал как повторяющийсядублирующийся контент.
    Удачи, здоровья!

  8. Wow no wonder I love your videos, you are so talented, I watch them with my son, we both are so inspired by you, thank you 👍🥇✅

  9. Егоров.не могли бы вы объяснить и показать кто тот второго героя ваших роликах,что у Вас остается за кадром(это мужчина или женщина) вы всячески скрываете его.просматрев ваши ролики по кадрово я нашёл всё таки.косяк где вы видно при монтаже при склейки кусков упустили несколько кадров что они случайно я думаю попали в фильм.если вы покажете того второго, я вам выложу подтверждения моих слов,так что если ваш фильм картинку разложить по кадрово,то и вы это увидите это.но так как вы при монтаже пользуетесь не профессиональная студия монтажа вы это пропустили с ув.

  10. Hey Max! Well done! I think it's great idia to translate your videos to english! Good luck with it! Will the good people watch a good videos!!!
    P.S. You acualy can put some "Bushcraft" tag.

  11. Смотрю вас недавно, вы действительно адвокат или просто такой псевдоним?.

  12. Awesome! Thank you! Very interesting projects you have. I too like the plastic dome one and the kayak if you could do those in English it would be very much appreciated thank you very much take care stay safe from Canada.

  13. Пора нашему району на международный уровень выходить. Отстоять честь Отчизны.

  14. I like your Russian and English videos very much!
    In 1992 I spent 10 days in Weliki Nowgorod in a Russian host family. It was a student exchange.
    We visited the wonderful St. Petersburg too!
    After this stay I never forgot the Russian warmth and their way of live!

    Greetings from Germany!
    I do not speak Russian but two persons in my host family could speak German.

  15. Немного не корректно называть off grid, ибо это обозначение автономно существующего дома с коммуникациями, свое электричество, вода, канализация, отопление и т.п. Но автору большое уважение, тем не менее!:)

  16. Хочу совершить pushkadonat, но не получается через предложенные варианты. Рекомендую донейшн аллертс. Там просто вводишь сумму, данные карты с которой списываются гроши и подтверждаешь по смс. Не надо заполнять кучу данных.

  17. privetik, can you please make a English video about the wire clamping device and can you make a very simple version that will require as little tools and work as possible for thoes of us without many tools? i do have a Dremel.

  18. Заходите на мой канал, поддержите лайком начинающего блогера. всем спасибо.

  19. This guy would be perfectly ok in the case of social or economical collapse. There's nothing he can't build in the wilderness. Love love love your videos. New subscriber here

  20. Правильно,нужно делиться и с американцами полезной инфой. Дружба народов ,ура!!!

  21. Ты мне и не только скажи купил ты гектар или как рыбалишь без лицензии деревья используешь или там можно приехать и жить в свое удовольствие не зависимо от ввп и кто законы пишет

  22. Как твоё имя адвокат? За видео канал спасибо, сын собрался избу строить ему 10 лет. Для себя много полезного узнал да и просто интересно смотреть.

  23. Здравствуй Максим. Периодически поглядывал тебя уже года три. Ты молодец, рукастый,терпеливый и честный,спасибо. И есть вопрос. Почему постоянно Адвокат?,Адвоката? Сними себя в суде, в практике,на поле боя. И что бы ты не сомневался в коменте, я столяр с 22 летним стажем,в подтверждение даю адрес в Instagram tihamatwood. За стамеску респект!!! Благодарю.😁

  24. Посмотрел одно видео про старика, почему то вспомнил о Адвокате Егорове, может один другому будет полезен?

  25. Very impressive young man!
    If I'm proud of you, your mom must be busting the seams proud of you!
    Love love love your videos. Thank you

  26. Very clever way of open end design. Starting from a log, passing by a scandinavian torch + cooking fire to finish with a stool. The whole transformation of the log is super interesting. I wonder what other pieces of furniture can be made with a similar process. It would be awesome to see you in action regarding this topic 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I would also like to ask you a question, at 2:21 there is the big "hand drill" on the bench. you also used it in other videos. Would you please tell me what the name is in english or where you bought it? I am interested in buying it as well.

    Thanks a lot in advance, kind regards 🙂

  27. You are so engenius on your ideas. I would be interested in knowing your IQ. I would guess it's 180 or more. For no average person can do this. It's clear to see your parents had the most astonishing child being you. They have to be so incredibly proud of you. I can only imagine that your skills as an attorney are impeccable.😎

  28. who is that Vladimir Putin ? ohh its still just you …. Go put on a shirt damit you are attracking bears ! (the gay ones i guess :P)

  29. Excellent videos , something like this should have millions of views and subscriptions .
    Thanks for sharing your experience

  30. It's really enjoyable to watch you work or cook or just relax. you're Very creative and innovative.
    I wish I could give you advice. but you're doing great on your own. wonderful channel

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