100 thoughts on “First Class AC Interiors Ernakulam Mumbai Duronto

  1. it is all about PRIVACY …..Compared to 2&3 tier we can understand easily how it is differentiating in terms of privacy

  2. Though the comfort is good the price is way too expensive than an Economy flight. Kolkata to Chennai Coromandel 1st AC is twice as expensive as flight and travels almost two full days which flight hardly takes 2hrs. You guys should be reasonable while charging fares. And also increase the count of 1st AC, 2nd AC coaches for every train. Not all are comfortable with traveling in sleeper and 3rd AC that are jam-packed.

  3. Our trains still need to improve especially in neatness and hygiene.It will take another decade to achieve by Railways.If this is the condition of toilet in First class coupe,then I can't imagine the third class ordinary compartments.

  4. Indian railways will seriously have to do something to make sure toilets are redesigned and are hygienic and clean.We have IITs and some of the finest engineering schools, who's students can be given a project to come up with a well designed railway coach toilet with maintainable yet simple taps which are not corrosive and a proper waste disposal system.
    How long should the public go through this nonsense even in a first ac compartment ?

  5. Travelled 1st class from Nagpur to Amritsar. Comfort wise it was great, although I missed the atmosphere you get in sleeper coaches.

  6. Indian railways rocks…..
    DON'T worry folks Indian Railway are going to be the best in the WORLD in next 10 years , due to its hard working citizens and the great railway management board…..

  7. I have travelled in 1st class but it ia of no use very average maintaince and cabin isnt silence irritating sound use to come from here and there.it is not of any better go in 1st or 2nd cls ac atleast we can talk with some peoples instead of hearing irritating sound in cabin.

  8. The developments in IR is welcoming.But we the pepole of North East part of India will need another decade to see in this part of the country. First let them replace the old and obsolate coaches still in motion in this Divisions

  9. I have a doubt can anyone help me with that!! 1st class ticket from Ernakulam to Delhi cost 6000 something.. n I need a coupe(hubby n me).. so do I have to pay for two? Pls anyone help me…

  10. It's very nice still now I didn't traveled in first class ac and don't think about the money we have to experience every thing

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