First Indian metro experience in BANGALORE, Karnataka. 🇮🇳 + KR Market + indian food + Lal Bagh

First Indian metro experience in BANGALORE, Karnataka. 🇮🇳 + KR Market + indian food + Lal Bagh

Previously on Lifetime Travelmates On our first day in Bengaluru we met our friend Ashok, he took us to historical
temples, beautiful parks, and one of the best dosa places in the city.
It was amazing! and our journey continues on this fascinating Garden City Today we are going to take the metro in Bangalore! We are excited to take a metro, our first metro in India we’re going to the kr market So, we scan this and we go down. The metro stations were very clean, and modern and all the signs were also easy to follow. After traveling quite rural parts of India, we felt a bit strange to be back in the city,
but in a good way While watching beautiful city landscapes
from the Metro we arrived at Chickpet Station. Since it rained the day before, we
had to pass through some muddy paths to reach the market. We were glad that were
wearing proper shoes, not sandals. Krishna Rajendra market is the largest
wholesale market in Bengaluru. The market is situated within two kms of the city’s train station. People come from the outskirts of the town as well as
nearby states to purchase and sell their goods. The market is huge and we could
find a vast range of colorful items for sale. Everything, from flowers, fruits and
vegetables, spices, dry products, machinery, and tools, household items, and ritual
offerings. And this section is just full of flowers! It’s so crowded! It’s full of people selling, delivering, buying flowers everywhere! The smell is a mix of flowers, spices…
It’s very good! As soon as we left the market, we began
to see more and more! We were overwhelmed by the vibrant atmosphere one of the things we love doing while traveling
is street watching people passing by,
cars, motorbikes, rikshaws waiting for customers colorful dresses, and food
stalls full of fresh fruits and vegetables. We also saw some beautiful
mosque along the street. We could have spent the whole day there but we have to go back to the metro station to go to our next destination. We don’t know exactly where we are going… We are a bit lost right now. We go that way… Yes, that way! Since we could use metro almost
everywhere we wanted to go it was so much easier to move around city it was not crowded at
all which was quite opposite to what we had expected, and the trains were coming
quite frequently. Not long after we arrived at the popular ISKCIN temple
complex. So, we are in this ISKCON temple complex and all this that you see is just to
leave your shoes here. So, apparently these might gather a lot of people here. It’s a pretty good
complex, you will see right now. The enormous complex is beautifully designed
with both traditional and modern architecture style. Recording was not
allowed but we saw one of the most unique and beautiful idols of Hindu god
Krishna in the main shrine of the temple. Oh! Someone already finished! Our next stop was one of the most
beautiful gardens in Bengaluru: the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden Lal Bagh botanical garden is located at
the heart of the city. Lal Bagh means red garden, due to the abundance of red roses. The park was started as a private garden by Hyder Ali, one of the most famous rulers of old Mysore in 1760 then it was further
developed by Hyder Ali’s son Tipu Sultan. It was given the status of a
government Botanical Garden in 1856. It has the largest collection of India’s
rare typical plants, many ancient trees, a decorated flower clock, and a surprising lawn surrounded by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Moreover visitors can enjoy
the beauty of glass house The glass house hosts a flower show every year. The Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is internationally famous for its
scientific study and conservation of plants. Dear friends, we are walking on a
three… thousand three thousand million? really? 3000 million year old stone!
Rock! you don’t believe me?
Watch this! Do you see it? Here (excited sounds) FOODIE TIME One of our local friends recommended us
to visit Maiyas one of the best local places for breakfast. The first thing that caught our attention was the various types of color for desserts and cakes while checking one by one we got even more hungry and as usual it took
some time to decide what to eat We just took the order at the counter We ordered two idly, one vada And one curd bada and a kesari bath. and then we give the ticket here and they give it to you. Check that! The place was so crowded especially
people were lining up to get a fresh tea and coffee outside we could easily
notice that this place is popular among locals and our food is finally ready. Yesterday we decided to go (GUESS WHERE WE ARE GOING NEXT,
LEAVE A COMMENT) We don’t really know if you’re going to get tickets. Probably not. Then we just have to go some other places.
It’s quite random but, we didn’t really plan it advance and we chose not to do that, so…
We will see! I have no idea what that is… Since we couldn’t book the tickets online We’re here at the reservation
center at the station and as you see there are so many people already waiting in line. We don’t really know if we are going to get the tickets. So, we will see. We couldn’t book the train tickets so we have to be in the waitlist waitlist…20 or something and then we asked the guy if it’s positive
or negative and then he said it’s quite negative so…
and then he asked us to come
back like 1 hour before the departure time. We thought it’s quite risky cos we
don’t really know if we’re going to get that one as well. So we’re going to use bus instead of train . I know the bus ride might be a bit rough. but we have no choice. the bus station is 4 kilometers away. We already checked online
that there are still many seats available on the bus. (laughs) Ok, Jordi is a bit stressed, I think. (laaughs) So, see you!

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