Fixer Upper – Designing an Open, Modern Dining Room – HGTV

Fixer Upper – Designing an Open, Modern Dining Room – HGTV

You know I really
love to open up spaces, but there are
certain times where I feel like it’s not necessary. One of the things we ended
up doing that I really liked, instead of knocking
out entire walls and opening up the
space completely, we only opened up a
portion of the walls. So, this was the
original dining room, but it felt really closed in
and tight, and kind of dark. So, what we ended up doing was
opening up the walls halfway. We added these sliders. You don’t have to do that. I feel like the sliders add
an extra cool element to it. But if you just need
to stay on budget, one of the things you can
consider is opening it halfway, so at least it makes
the room feel bigger. We also added
bigger windows that bring in more natural light. And on the other side, we
did the same exact thing for their home office. Now, you’ve got
this really defined space right when you walk in. You’ve got your dining
room, your office with these cool design
elements that we added to it. What I love about
this whole idea is that we didn’t have to
knock out all the walls. Each space is super defined. It has unique elements to
it that really set it apart. And even when these are closed,
it still feels really open.

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  1. I love all your ideas! Too bad im not rich to be able to fix my house the way you do on all those projects.. Awesome job👍

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