Fixer Upper – European Farmhouse Kitchen Design – HGTV

Fixer Upper – European Farmhouse Kitchen Design – HGTV

[music playing] JOANNA GAINES: I really love
the simplicity of this kitchen. Our clients really wanted
a European farmhouse feel, so one of the elements I
really wanted to draw out was the backsplash. You can see the
distress on them. I just love the character
and just the style. It really still has
a fresh way about it, but it has that aged look that
really adds to the character of this kitchen. I really love this accent
wall above the stove. It still ties in with
the rest of the tile, but it has a little more
detail and interest to it. This kitchen is just
a really good size. One of the reasons why our
clients bought this house was because of the view. So I really wanted a ton
of natural light in here. And one of the elements that
we added towards the end was this large island
that Clint built for us. I love how functional it is. I love the height of it. But I also love these simple
sconces that we added. Again, it all ties into
that European farm feel. One of my other favorite
elements is the pantry door. We frosted the
glass so you can’t see what’s on the other side. But again, that tie-in with
wood and the character of that really blends well with
the rest of the space.

11 thoughts on “Fixer Upper – European Farmhouse Kitchen Design – HGTV

  1. It's missing a few design elements that I would've like to see. The chairs are too hard and industrial…a better choice would've been something with wicker to add warmth and texture. The same with the floor…a Dhurrie rug placed under the table or alongside the length of the cabinets would have brought in more interest. And what is on the wall? A painting of nearly any style would have, again, brought warmth and interest to a room that lacks character. Also adding plants and perhaps simple bamboo shades would've made this room more complete. As it is at present?…boring and sterile.

  2. Joanna an chip I really love your shows it gave me a life how to do something different to my small apartment I use to have a house in south!! I like room I like old stuff !! my friend an watchyoueveryweek an an also love cup cake shop! god bless in what ever you do!!!

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