Fixer Upper – Freshening Up a Living Room – HGTV

Fixer Upper – Freshening Up a Living Room – HGTV

[music playing] In this main living
space, it was already open. It just needed a few
cosmetic updates. One of the things I
wanted to tackle first was this massive fireplace. My client loves balance,
and she also loves really clean and simple spaces. So what we ended
up doing over here was painting the
brick white to give it a really clean, crisp look. We also added this mantle
which spans the entire space. It creates balance but
also brings out a little more depth and dimension. Originally the entry was dated. The stairwell and
even the paneling just had a really
worn look to it. So we updated the railing. We painted the paneling with
a fresh coat of white paint. And now it looks
clean and simple. One of the things I love the
most about this living room is this built-in unit
that we incorporated. I really wanted this entire unit
to be a beautifully-built piece that didn’t just scream TV
but also screamed character and really warmed up the space. There’s a perfect
balance of old and new. And this now isn’t
the main focus. These doors really
steal the show. This living room is
really pretty now. It’s updated. It’s fresh and clean. And I can’t wait for
my clients to see it.

9 thoughts on “Fixer Upper – Freshening Up a Living Room – HGTV

  1. I love still getting to see at least something from you guys. I recently moved so I don't have cable anymore…which I never had before anyway, but I sure enjoyed at least getting to catch your last season and half of season 4 while I could…and thanks to Hulu I got to pretty much catch up on the seasons I'd missed while I lived in the land of TV haha. Hope all is well with you and your family, Joanne

  2. I would get rid of the grey bench next to the stairs. You don’t need furniture pieces against every wall.

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