Fixer Upper – How to Design a Dreaded Room – HGTV

Fixer Upper – How to Design a Dreaded Room – HGTV

If there’s a room in your
house that you dread going into, whether it be a pantry, your
office, or even your laundry room, have fun with
that and make it more of a creative
space so that you actually enjoy going in there. For instance, in
this laundry room, I really wanted to make it
fun and kind of inviting. So that when you’re
in the space, you enjoy folding laundry. So one of the things I really
loved about this house was we had some space to play with. So I really wanted
to make it count. So some elements
that I really wanted to make sure we’re
in this room were things that help
with organization but also just practical. I love these glass jars
because they’re up. Kids can’t really reach them. But in them, you can
do the clothes pins. Or if it’s an office, you can
do really cute colored pens or office supplies. Another thing I really
want to incorporate are these baskets for storage. I’ve found that when
things are out in the open and you have cute containers
to contain the mess, it actually makes it look
cute and clutter-free. When you’re intentional
with your space and you get creative
with it, it really makes everyday chores and tasks
a lot more fun to accomplish.

10 thoughts on “Fixer Upper – How to Design a Dreaded Room – HGTV

  1. Love your show so much. Thanks for being so inspiring! Can only hope to do half as good as y鈥檃ll have!

  2. sure do miss you all. Love the baskets idea and yes if a room is nice even a laundry room it's more fun to actually go in there and do the task. Clutter in the kitchen or laundry area makes me just not want to do anything in them.

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