Fixer Upper – Rustic Living Room Design Ideas – HGTV

Fixer Upper – Rustic Living Room Design Ideas – HGTV

This home originally had
a very modern feel to it. But it was also super outdated. Some of the elements that we
added was the stacked rock. The same stuff we
did on the outside, we incorporated on the inside
on this fireplace that we built. Another one of my favorite
things in this room was the fact that
we rewrapped all the beams, all the trim work,
and even this amazing window. Now, what my client hated
the most about the house, which was this super outdated
funky window, is now, I think, the coolest
feature about this home. If you walk over here, you
see that all this feels a little more now incorporated,
where before it felt really piece-y and kind of closed off. So what we ended up doing is
just sticking in the living space here that really opens
up to the entry and this really cool new fireplace. But it also opens up
now into this walkway. What’s great about
this is we added these French doors that now get
you to the backyard from here. It really opens the space up,
brings in more natural light. We also added this
fun built-in desk that has the cool concrete
countertops, the floating shelves, the cork board
with some wallpaper on top– just a lot of fun elements in
this corner to make it more purposeful and practical,
but it still has a lot of room and space and in here. So that when you’re walking
from the living to the kitchen, it doesn’t feel so cramped.

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  1. Chip n Joanna, you guys are amazing! You guys do the most beautiful work I've ever seen!!! And Chip, buddy, no disrespect whatsoever…but you have the most beautiful wife! I admire you guys relationship! Y'all are 2 pee's in a pod!!!! I love watching your show😆. And you have a beautiful family my friend.

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