Flat Pack Challenge:  ARU BA Film and Television Production student project

Flat Pack Challenge: ARU BA Film and Television Production student project

Hello, good evening and welcome to Flat
Pack Challenge, the family game show where your self-assembly skills are tested to the limit. Backstage we’ve got two teams ready to pick up their allen keys and battle it out against the furniture. Our first team tonight are university
students from Essex who spend their time partying and binge watching Horrible
Histories. They call themselves the queens of flat-pack furniture. Let’s see
if they can live up to that title. Time to meet Rosie and Chloe. Hi I’m Rosie I’m
21 and I’m a student vet nurse from Essex. I’m Chloe I’m 22 and I’m a student
veterinary nurse from Essex. We met on our first day of college at the bus stop. I think Rosie is definitely a riot, completely spontaneous and you’re actually really funny. I’d describe Chloe as being a laugh. She’s very intelligent but she’s got no common sense. To be fair it’s quite entertaining. So I’d say I’m more likely to take
charge, Chloe doesn’t really know what’s going on. That is true, I’m just there for the good looks. Welcome to Flat Pack Challenge. Have you ever assembled flat pack
furniture before? I’ve never done it in my life, no. Never done it. I’ve done a bit of work, but I did have a bit of help, but hopefully I can do it today. What about the nickname? Queens of Flat Pack Furniture. Rosie’s the Queen. (Thank you.) I’m just a bit of help here. So, a misleading title? Yeah, a little bit. Maybe Queen, not Queens. Maybe after today. Maybe. We also looked a bit into your past and we found some very interesting stories and videos. Can you tell us anything
about this, Chloe? So, I like to order myself a Chindian, which is half chinese and half
Indian and when I have that I have to have a naan bread and it has to be cut in a triangle. Don’t know why but the best takeaway I ever get, yeah. Is that some sort of a personal invention? Yeah. I think it did it a few years ago and it stuck with me ever since. Now, competing against them are team two. This young couple are film fanatics. Their house parties are legendary but do they know their screwdriver from their nail gun? Already with with their fingers on the screws, let’s meet our second team Gabby and Jack. Scene one, take one. Hi, I’m Jak. I’m twenty four… five. God damn it. Hi, I’m Jak. I’m twenty five. I’m studying Film and TV Production and I’m from Stoke-on-Trent. I’m Gabi. I’m nineteen, and I study Film and TV and I’m from Lithuania. Our couple name is Jabi. We met at uni and then at a party, I taped our hands together so that I could touch her hand. We’ve got matching tattoos. If we ever show affection sort of outside of privacy we usually make throw up noises. Yeah. I’m taking charge. It’s me, I’m taking charge. Because you suck. I’m taking charge. Welcome to Flat Pack Challenge. Have you ever completed any flat pack furniture? I built like a sofa thing for your dad. Yeah, we’ve done a little bit, so we’re just below average. Just below average? if you’re just below average will it be enough to beat the Queens of flat pack furniture? Yeah, we’ll give it a go. Definitely. Ok, different levels of confidence. I like that. We’ve also done a bit of digging up of back stories from you guys. Can you tell us about your trip to
Wales? We went up Snowdon, the highest mountain in the UK. And it was steep, and we had to have a break for you. Yeah, it was really, really hot because it
was like mid-August I think, and we were a little bit hungover as well, so when it was like almost the highest point I had to just sit down and like take five minutes ‘cos I couldn’t keep going. It was just really, really warm. All good furniture addicts know their William Morris from their Charles Eames. So, being connoisseurs of taste and
refinement, we here at Flat Pack Challenge thought we’d ask you to construct some furniture that ranks with the very highest achievements in
art and design. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present the rocking moose. Laid out on the wall before you are all the components you will need to complete the build, along with some simple instructions on the table. The first team to complete this small but beautifully formed moose will carry on to the final
round, while the other team will go home empty-handed with just
moose memories to last them a lifetime. But first let’s see how to build a moose with the help of our very own self-assembly expert DIY Denver. When building the moose in summary it’s vital you get the cross places to display the right way around and remember to check your orientation of the tail and
also the antlers. So that’s how it is done but we are
going to make things considerably harder for you than it was for DIY Denver. Both
teams will be wearing the conjoined vests before you. That means each team will have only have two arms to build instead of four. Now,
Denver’s moose took around seven minutes but because you are going to get all
cosy inside the vest it’s going to be a lot harder for you, so that’s why we are
going to give you twice as long. But when 15 minutes have passed I’m going to
sound this big boy and your time will be up. Got it? So, everybody ready?
Remember – lefty loosey, righty tighty. Let’s get building. Yeah yeah yes, so the nails go in that way. I’m pretty sure you should be trying to assemble it, not disassemble it. No no no, it was in like the other… Wait. Oh my God. it says the numbers on it. Hang on. Well done. I would like to advise you to pick up the pace because we’re approaching the last few minutes left in the challenge and none of you seem to be any point closer to finishing the rocking moose. I think one of them is tying it and the other one’s untying it. What am I meant to do? Hold it? The blue team seems to have actually finished with the tail, which is good. A lot more than we can say
about the orange team. I’m not surprised at all that the teams seem to be progressing once they started using the actual instructions of building the rocking moose. We can’t screw it on though, Jak. Like, we gotta unscrew the legs. No, we were fine. You can’t fake it ’til you make it. I can. I am quite confident that it’s not… That is very safe. It rocks. Can you hold this, ‘cos it’s falling. Thank you. And yes, Gabi and Jak seem to be doing quite a good job whereas Rosie and Chloe are only missing one leg from their moose and they’re trying to fit it in. If only they could have two extra
screws but Gabi and Jak are very calm and collected whilst completing one of
the almost last touches of the rocking moose. Chloe and Rosie are still in it. Oh, the air horn’s been sounded which means everyone stop what you’re doing right now. So let’s inspect your hard work. Team one, Rosie and Chloe. The self-proclaimed queens of flat pack furniture. How do you think you dealt with the rocking moose today? Well, most of it went well I’d say. It’s all together when you look at it.
It’s functional. Yeah. It rocks. It looks good. Yeah. I see a lot of screws on the table, so that’s why I’m a bit afraid. Do you mind if I give it a bit of a…. That’s upsetting actually now. Hmm. It is very upsetting, but on that note let’s move on to the second team and see if they’re moose has more than two legs. So, Gabi and Jak. How do you think you dealt with our rocking moose today? We messed it up quite a few times. Twice. But we went back and then, yeah. ‘Cos you can’t fake it when it’s flat pack. Okay. That was a great description of our show. Let’s shake on your moose too. Seems pretty steady. The ring’s having fun. Yeah. Makes a nice noise. Did you follow the instructions? A little bit. Apparently I can’t tell which screw is which, so Jack had to take over. But
that’s fine. It’s only pictures, it’s not, yeah it’s fine. The teamwork you developed in time, very good, very good today. It’s the moment of truth. Only one team can carry on to the final. Will it be the spontaneous glitter obsessed Rosie and Chloe or will it be the adorable, loving Javi? The team that
will progress to the second round is… Gabi and Jack. Congratulations for
winning the first round. You will now move on to the final, whereas for our other team, you did your best but now it’s time to walk the walk of shame. Everyone say farewell to Team One. Thank
you Rosie and Chloe. Thank you. The closing round is called the hot seat,
where you have to put together – you guessed it – a tiny chair. Laid on the wall before you is all you need to complete your build. Sounds simple enough, right? Perhaps it is indeed child’s play, so let’s see how DIY Denver got on when he built it. This chair is one of the most simplest
items you can build. The challenge here is going to be to try and get it wrong. There’s a man who knows the difference
between a joist and a screw hole. So he built his chair in less than two minutes. Well, you may be wondering what these are. But don’t worry this is the flat-pack challenge set, and not Fifty Shades but one of you will be wearing these beautiful kitchen gloves, whilst your better half will be blindfolded. As a team, through communication and guidance, and dare I say touch, you have to build
this piece of furniture in only five minutes. Remember, this luxurious mystery
prize could be yours if I think you deserve it. If I don’t your chair well and truly sucks. I’ll enjoy the prize instead. Whoever said life was fair? Remember, lefty-loosey righty-tighty, for the final time tonight, let’s get building. Go! And we’re under way with the final challenge from Flat Pack Challenge today. No, put it down! Did you guys take any tactic, are you poorly eyesighted or… why are you the blind one? Jak? Jak, give me a hand. Take one of these. Find the holes and put them in the holes. They’re all here. No. Yeah. They’re there. What’s happening? I don’t know. I might just say, you can also twist it. Okay. But…They’re…They’re the same side ones. Yes. That way. It’s fine. Just fine. This one’s a bit easier because you can feel the holes. Okay, let go. Put it right in front of you. Two minutes left. There you go. Just don’t forget you want it to be as steady as possible. We want you to actually be able to use it. Yep. Oooohh. I got it. no I don’t. Dead leg. Oh, that’s a challenge. Jak! Someone must have dropped the allen key on the floor. With less than two minutes left, Jak’s on the floor, picks it up. Beautiful teamwork from Gabi and Jak. Yeah. And the ones right in front of you. Here. Go go go. It’s the last one. Go on. I’m going. I’m going, going, going. Go quick. Almost, almost, almost. Oh my God, Jak. This is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to find out whether Team Two will take home the
Flat Pack Challenge prize or if I will. Have they done enough to be crowned the
winners of flat pack furniture? I can now reveal that… Team Two are the winners of this week’s show. Congratulations guys, you completed your build in less than
five minutes. You get to take home this amazing prize. We have a handy tool box
for all your furniture construction needs and a wonderful home spa package,
which includes a bottle of bubbly and a facial kit for those late evenings when
the building is all done. What an amazing, exciting and dramatic show it’s been from Chindian to matching tattoos, from a lover’s lift to
a half-built moose. Tune in next week to watch two brand new teams struggle to build simple furniture against the clock. Thanks for watching and good night.

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