Flea Market Style

Flea Market Style

Does your kitchen look like this? Make the
most of your time and money, and transform it with two stages of renovation. First, tackle
the items that take up the most visual space. In this kitchen, the cabinets and walls were
refreshed with paint, and new vinyl floors were installed. The kitchen immediately feels
bright and airy. Paint upper and lower cabinets, different colors for a custom look. Above,
crown molding and trim disguise the soffit. Spread out cost with the second phase of renovation.
A new sink, faucet, countertops and backsplash, complement the changes from phase 1 and give
phase 2 the kitchen remodel contemporary style. Dark countertops coordinate with oil rubbed
bronze cabinet hardware, while the glazed ceramic tile backsplash and porcelain sink,
add new life to the 1980s kitchen. A pull out faucet with an arched neck rounds out
the look. Take tips from this remodel and ease the strain on your wallet, by breaking
up a big project into phases.

4 thoughts on “Flea Market Style

  1. Ειναι ολα τελεια ομορφα νησωτικα θαλασσινα φοβερα μ αρεσουν πολυ παρα πολυ θελω να μας στελνετε τετοια θαλασσινα βιντεακια ευχαριστω ….

  2. I totally agree with you. By doing this you spend little money,have things that no one else has,never goes out of fashion and your home will show how much thought went into every piece. Most of all you will never tire of it , because you chose these things with love.

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