FolkArt Home Decor: How To Create a Distressed Finish With Donna Dewberry

FolkArt Home Decor: How To Create a Distressed Finish With Donna Dewberry

[Laughter] hi I'm Donna Dewberry and I'm here at flat enterprises and I'm so thrilled to be sharing with you the new folk art home decor chalk and we have beautiful waxes to go with it we have tools that you're going to love to use and the best part of it is that you can go through your house and read you all kinds of wonderful things in your home from accessories to decorate with from your kitchen canvas to your bathroom cabinets and any kind of craft project you want to do whether it's finished or unfinished you're going to love that we have all these beautiful colors three different colors of wax to work with and lots more so let's get started now we're going to work on an unfinished frame and I want you to see we're gonna go from this to this now how great is that now to do this it's really easy we're gonna work on distressing and there's two different distressing so we're gonna do a dry distress and a wet distress and to get started I'm gonna use cascade which is one of my favorite colors and we're gonna go in here and stir we don't want you to shake the paint okay we're gonna stir it and mix up it so see if there's anything on the top there alright wipe it off and we're ready to go now we're gonna take and pour this onto our plate all right now you'd be surprised how much this covers that's what I love is the coverage of the paint and you'd be surprised also that it will go over dark finishes on furniture or it will go over this raw wood really nice and many times I can code it in one coat and it's and it's all ready for this especially when it's a base coat because we're gonna see you know I'm gonna get in here we're going to take and put a top coat on this so that this color de-stresses through when we sand it and you know what this is gonna dry to an ultra matte finish and you're gonna love it okay now I want you to look at this finished piece and the prettiness of the color coming through so the color I choose to use on top is a sheepskin and then you see when we finish it we have the beautiful cascade coming through so I always pick two colors that you like to use that way the chalk is going to dry pretty quick but the thing is we need to wait two hours to make sure it's cured so that before we put the second coat on okay okay so I'm putting a good amount of paint so I'm ready to put my top coat and as I'm doing this top coat there's a couple of things you can think about is what kind of finish you want now you very my smooth stroke all right depends on what kind of finish you want make sure that you have it over here in the edges where there's grooves and that you want to fill in our or you can do a heavier chunkier it's going to give you a chunkier finished when you put more paint on here okay so after I put the coats that I want on here we're gonna let it dry for two hours again and it will be ready for our next step now I've let this dry for two hours and I'm ready to do my dry distressing now what I'm going what I'm gonna do is decide how much I want to show so I'm gonna get started on the edge with my sanding block and what you're gonna like about this is that as its sands it's going to come off like with powder like a chalk which is really nice I'm gonna decide to start standing the edge too I see the color that I want to see through there okay what I want to show you now is if you put this up to the frame that we've already finished I want you to see it's your your personal preference about how much how you see this is quite a bit more distressed than this one is but I'd like showing the wood grain and other aspects of the wood so you enjoy and you what makes you happy okay now I'm going to show you the wet distress technique and I'm gonna use a sponge it's a nice handy sponge one of our tools we're gonna go into the water squeeze it out so it's still damp alright and then we're gonna go on to our pieces almost dry but not quite dry and you're gonna start rubbing away our finish on here and this finish is not quite dry you want to get it right before it's totally dry see how nice that comes out and you can be vigorous on this you can decide how much you want if you want more distressed less now it depends on how thick you did in some areas and better areas will show more so you think about that too when you're putting your top coat on because you can control a little bit of that there you go now I've shared with you two techniques of distressing ones with the sand sanding block and the second one was with the wet sponge so that's the wet distressing I love them both of my favorites the West distressing because it's less physical work on me I think sometimes and what I want you to look at is when we look at this beautiful finished frame there's a finish on this and this finish is our clear wax and the clear wax I told you there's three different waxes will declare wax on this I just wanted a nice beautiful sheen so you're gonna put the wax on with this great waxy brush and let it dry and then you're gonna buff it but to learn more tips and techniques on how to wax refer to our home decor folk art wax how-to video and if you want to know more about product information and project inspiration go to plateau now go out and have fun

4 thoughts on “FolkArt Home Decor: How To Create a Distressed Finish With Donna Dewberry

  1. You seemed to indicate that one could distress finished wood products.  I have a "finished" wood shelf in a maple color that I would like to re-do. It is in desperate need of something!  Distressing sounds like a good and simple idea.  Would I have to sand the shelf down to the bare wood or could I apply the Decor Chalk right on top and get going with the new look?

  2. Some of my yard sale finds and old hand me downs are getting a new look.  Love the easy way Folk Art Chalk paint covers.  Best of all I can seal and protect with the wax.  Thanks so much to Donna and Plaid for working out a great and "EASY" way to make old new and "used up" into "useful" things to resell and enjoy.

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