Ford Kuga 2016 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Ford Kuga 2016 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

I have one this is the all-new Ford Kuga this is the 1.5 with 150 horsepower there’s also a 1.5 with 120 horsepower petrol engine there are also diesel engines available the DTC I before this one is 150 horsepower it produces 240 newton bits of talk zero to six to nine point seven seconds the top speed is 197 km/h it is a six-speed manual there are different trim levels available trent titanium titanium the engine is at 1.5 for slender and it’s a front-wheel drive car you can also buy it with a four-wheel drive Oh it is a new front bumper but new air intakes headlight washers parking sensors in the front beautiful 18 inch aluminum rims ten to three windows turn signals integrating the mirrors we will look at the interior and a few moments rear view camera it has automatic trunk 463 liters of capacity in the back when you fold the rear seats down its thousand six hundred and fifty three liters full-size spare tire privacy gloss in the back stooge areas reclining rear seats off leather also happy to look at the panorama zone and this is the beautiful interior of the new Ford Kuga it is a facelift automatic rain sensors touchscreen navigation this engine is also available with a 180 or power this is the space left in the back and one meter and 83 a lot of bathroom great visibility thanks to this window Stewart areas I love the Boogaloo on the dorsal it is a push-button ignition and this is a beautiful interior it has automatic rain sensors automatic reverse dot screen navigation climate control leather almost out to be floats and SD card slot two cupholders heated seats five settings pull the driver and passenger power outlet 6-speed manual transmission with the rear camera this the rear view camera and this saw the key looks like front defrost rear defrost you can turn off the start/stop automatic parking parking sensors automatic drunk push-button ignition voice activation you can give it come on commands please say a command demography near some glass compartment light adjustments it is a leather steering wheel thanks for watching

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  1. I have had my kuga 2.0 titanium x sport power shift for 9 months , it ia a great suv and pulls my caravan with ease . With impressive fuel economy .

  2. hi there I just wanted to say that I picked up my ford kuger 1.5 titanium petrol,on Monday pm from gates of stevanage and I'm very pleased with the kuger,drives great road handling brilliant,lots of leg room for tall people,i would recommend to see the chap who sold mine to me his name was Richard Dickson ,he is so good at his job ,and he works at gates in stevanage,i would give him 5 stars and the kuger ALL SO 5 STARS, many thanks for putting me on to this lovely SUV Richard , many thanks again for everything D,T,Wardrope

  3. the ford garage in stevanage,said to me we will have to order you a tyre ,then I said about my windows and the blades,i said can you replace them for me ,his response was I will get someone to clean them for you ,I said they are not ,they are worn and need replacing but that never happened crap !!!!

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