47 thoughts on “Former Sims Players Play The Sims 4

  1. does anybody know a good laptop for downloading like the sims and skype and other apps without it getting viruses or without it getting laggy

  2. My favourite sims was the sims bustin out 😍

    Hate the fact that sims 4 doesn't have a bustin out pack

  3. HELP!!!! my sims 4 wont play on windows 10 .I tried searching for a solution and it always says the the sims 4 has stopped working and says something about my windows!

  4. Hi Layton! So I previously downloaded your sims 3 complete collection and it worked perfectly, Thanks! Now I want to download The sims 4 but how can I have certain expansion packs? Like I only want Seasons and City Living for example? Can I do it? Because I'm afraid my computer would crash if I have all this expansion.. Thank u so much!

  5. Omg shantel is in it lol i didnt know until i watched this again when i found out bout ladylike lol

  6. I thought it said ‘former sims’ and thought they were gonna review sims 4 in simlish 😂😂

  7. Me:
    Now to build a house
    Mother lode
    Mother lode
    Mother lode
    Mother lode
    Mother lode
    Mother lode
    Mother lode

  8. I used to always get the green Sims in Strangetown and make them have loads of kids so I'd have a whole town full of alien Sims 😀 and I'd make them look through the telescope all night so they'd get kidnapped by aliens and get pregnant with an alien baby, and I'd turn the aging off so the parents wouldn't age as fast and could have more kids 😀 and I also got the university expansion pack because I knew it had another alien Sim 😀 I had this all down to a sience 😀 it's no fun with the newer Sims though because you can just create alien Sims from the get-go.

  9. I had to argue with someone because they called simlish, gibberish. I dislike them so much.

  10. I love the Original Sims. I started to play the sims 3 and now i love that it was a major jump because I didn't like the sims 2. I don't like the sims 4 because its been out for sometime and theres not alot of expansion packs and its blah. The only thing i do like about the sims 4 is when you make the sims that looks awesome. But i will stick with my sims 3

  11. I'm soo Jealous right now I have only played the sims freeplay I want to plAy it but I cant😡😢😭

  12. All i remember is typing "motherlode" millions of times to get filthy rich.

    Also woohoo-ing like 4 times a day because i was a perverted child.

  13. When I play Sims 4, I move in with people, kill them and then finally steal their house because it’s big.

  14. I used to play sims until the point all my sims have a successful life in the game, then I see myself nothing like it in reality, I felt bad of myself and quit.

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