Freddie Officially Moves In To Her New Apartment • Moving Series: Part 4 • Ladylike

Freddie Officially Moves In To Her New Apartment • Moving Series: Part 4 • Ladylike

today’s the day that we’ve been waiting for okay so I’m freaking out a little bit the main point of this whole video was the closet so I just have to like power through and make sure that it’s great and it’s gonna be I’m excited to give my life in order yeah it feels like it’s in shambles I want it to be done [Music] so we decluttered we packed up my old apartment we also painted the new apartments unpacked into the new apartment organized new apartment now is the fun part we’re gonna do the design portion of my apartment makeover series oh my gosh I love interior design but as I mentioned in the video where I did the bedroom makeover it still stresses me out so like design my own thing so I always just feel like I need a little bit of I don’t know help Mel Kirk is gonna be helping me with the interior design and she’s providing these services at a discounted rate Mel come on in hey girl hey hi Eddie so good to see you again she actually also painted and did the handiwork with her husband Brandon it’s really nice to just like kind of keep the same energy throughout and also they were just a pleasure to work with one of my favorite things you did was mounting the TV into that awesome frame that you all made I love the TV off the whole thing has been really fun but this part is like the fun part where we’re about to design the apartment yeah I feel like we’re finally bringing everything together especially because you had a pretty clear-cut vision to begin with in terms of like color scheme it’s made it really fun to kind of roll out from there yay in general I feel like it’s sort of like an open blank canvas I will say that I did order a pink couch custom from total design furniture that paint couch is such an awesome focal point I don’t really want to take away from it I just want to enhance it and throw in some patterns and we have the awesome teal chair as well yes it’s also a solid so I’m thinking a really fun print rug I also think that we should get some gold accents that’s gonna bring everything in the apartment together oh my gosh well I love gold in my head I like had this dream of having like a gallery wall of some sort is that gonna be too much no too much is not enough okay and what color frames are you thinking I think we go pink I love that oh my gosh also I have a little bonus room off of the living room yes I would love to figure out a way to make it a guestroom but it is tiny it is but I like immediately got so excited I think we do like a little guest suite oh yes sweet for your dining room I’m gonna have way too many gatherings going I think your space needs to be totally usable I’m thinking that we do a dining table with a couch I’m seeing that a lot of these tables on the other side of them are just like benches now I’m gonna be frank ones that don’t have back support really upset my body we can totally redirect to some dining chairs okay Kirk renovations cares I think we can support your friends yeah I think we can support you you know I think that’s what this whole thing is about and then I think we do like an extra little talking corner and I’m thinking two armchairs and an end table yes I love that and I think we need to bring in more animal print Oh but in a different way okay the kitchen is already a minty blue color I really liked that and also there’s a really cute Smeg fridge that matches that color so it’s like a whole vibe in the kitchen so I want to really just play up the kitchen is of the kitchen I think we add a little bit of wallpaper ooh my bathroom I’m keeping it really simple I’m just sticking with a black and white theme I think we just do a really simple white shower curtain I picked one out that has these really sweet ruffles on it mm-hmm and then my bedroom I’m keeping everything generally the same from my bedroom makeover last year that came to accept I’m gonna get new wallpaper because I can’t reuse the wallpaper that I had in my old apartment don’t worry Kayne same vibes I’m not getting rid of your touches you knocked it out of the park last year I only need a few things and it’ll just add to it already we’re doing a white bedding in there yeah and you have an awesome white vanity and some cream colors going on in a gold exactly I think we do a statement it’s basically like the only room in the house that can really and withstand it yes I think we go for it let’s do it well we have a lot of work to do but I’m so excited for everything to actually come in and that’s to start putting things together I can’t wait like I want to redo all of my place you picked out some cute furniture it’s lovely curtains cute little drapes and I was like food shopping time so fun what I forgot was that there is another stressful component to designing and that is receiving furniture in the mail and having to assemble it I’m waiting on Mellon Brandon they’re gonna come and the first order of business is applying all of the wallpaper and hopefully if we have some time left we can start putting together some of this furniture look at all these boxes Mellon Brandon were such troopers and put together pretty much all of my furniture before we actually got to designed it because there was no way we’re gonna fit styling the apartment and assembling all the furniture together in one day yeah everything’s pretty much already put together you can assemble furniture you put up wallpaper so what are we doing today I think the hard parts are done it’s just gonna be arranging putting things where it needs to be even adjusting from there hanging like the drapes things like that will take a little bit of extra time but I think we pretty much know where we want everything so hey okay let’s get started first we tackled the curtains in the dining room it added so much personality to the dining room even before we got everything else set up so that was really exciting to start with what am i doing now its squish them so that the panel itself isn’t as why it’s got it so we can let him some more light what Mel decided to do was to have a dining table couch and then chaired on the other side the table the dining room couch and the dining room chairs came from all modern then we styled that area with cute little throw pillows I think with the seating being a mixture of chairs and a couch in addition to throw pillows it makes it really comfy and actually makes me want to sit there this is where you’ll be the whole night buckle up tray tables down can’t forget to talk about the back support at the dining room table I am a stickler for back support I don’t have it at the moment and I’m getting cranky but Mel held it down ones that don’t have back support really upset my body and then we put the place settings on the table gifted to us by the lovely Artic chair Mel obviously picked them out because like I keep saying I just know nothing about dining rooms the plates are like a beautiful marble and the chargers are like this beautiful translucent kind of color with gold accents and then I have gold flatware y’all know I love gold so the gold flatware then we move over to the other side of the dining room Mel had this awesome idea to make that sort of like a little mini sitting area and so that’s where the two camel chairs come in they really do those are dope they’re also full leather and then to put icing on the cake we roll out a beautiful faux cowhide rug I don’t know if it’s cowhide it’s some kind of hide but it looks like it belongs in a toasty cabin up in the mountains oh I just need a nice martini I know there’s also this really cute shelving right above the sitting area in the dining room that my friend who lived in the apartment before me let me keep and on those shelves t.j.maxx provided a bunch of cute little knickknacks make the shelves look really lovely decorated also to top it off we have a couple of lamps in the dining room provided by bright tech and gold of course y’all know me they definitely add that dining room level aspect to it it’s kind of like heightens the experience give her a lamp give her gold she’s good to go you know me we’ve moved on into the bedroom and we are going to replace her duvet cover with an all-white one just add to the clean fresh look in here we applied the beautiful wallpaper provided by walls made love obsessed very cool vintage bye it’s happening we are going to replace your duvet cover with an all-white one and then we’re gonna add white drapes to again just keep everything really clean and soft and comfortable I just been ducky and getting dressed in my room should not be seen by my neighbors for like a couple weeks so I was so happy to finally get my curtains in place okay so dining rooms done bedroom is done we’re moving into the living room now I knew I wanted a gallery wall that was something that had been sort of a want of mine for a while we ended up picking out some really awesome prints from society6 thank you for gifting them to us in addition to the gallery wall and just the prints ellen brandon that frames for me and spray painted them the same color pink as my couch and it really tied together everything and just added more pink and the more pink the better i just loved it we’re gonna move the couch over against the walls so freddie has some more space to work with we’re gonna hang a sheer panel over this and the top is just all knotted so I want Freddy to have as much room as possible finally to tie everything together we have this beautiful beige and black rug from all modern it’s such a cool just like pop of pattern for the living room that I’m super excited about Mellon Brandon also did a little wallpaper accent in the kitchen right above the stove an oven and we chose bananas another little accent that we added was just cute little valance curtains above the windows in the kitchen like Oh Brandi made an apple pie side curtains also there are just so many different terms for window coverings curtains drapes Mel obviously knows all the terminology and she called them balances and I was like I I don’t with sure the guest room was the biggest challenge because it’s such a small oddly shaped space that I really wanted to make as functional as possible we got a loft bed because Mel really wanted to maximize space and then underneath she made this really cute vanity so this way my guests will have a bed to sleep in their own vanity to get ready one of the coolest parts about the vanity aside from the mirror is a super cute furry chair that’s white and adds a little bit of glam Brandon sat in the chair to like test it out and he looks so cute just sitting in a little vanity spot huh hey Brandon we didn’t have much to really tackle in the bathroom elsa did her thing with all the organization all we needed was a really cute shower curtain mel picked up the super cute white shower curtain with some ruffle on it also i have two really awesome chairs provided by article going on my front porch and if i just want to sit and gaze out at the sunshine you know I definitely feel like one of those women in the Folgers commercials who just like has their coffee and they just like stayed on their front porch and they’re just like in their robe that’s gonna be me we need oh my gosh it’s been a long day a really long day but I’m so excited to see everything where it belongs I’m very excited to be closing this chapter and moving that has felt like six months thank you so much we’re here with Freddie at the big reveal of her appointment and we have our two fronds outside let’s let him in [Music] we talked about this couch color for literally minutes and minutes a lot the were a part of this part of the moving process who’s going to be involved we’re both were like that makes sense you are a part of the moving process by being here today and sipping mimosas shall we so my big move with the intention of it being as stress-free as possible has now come to an end you want to show Jenna and Kristen the rest of your apartment the coolest thing about this is that yes it looked really cool and yes this was for a video but I’m actually gonna be living here now like I just feel so grateful and I’m happy that I’m gonna be able to just like live in the space I might not leave my house thank you – Kirk renovations Mellon Brandon y’all have been my saviors thank you so much thank you to Elsa Elsa you changed the game baby girl thank you to Christina for blessing the apartment and ridding it of all the demons thank you to Chantelle we sisters now we gotta have a sleepover thank you to Devin you were amazing thank you to our production coordinator Erica you killed it thank you to Brittany and Adriana they helped me throughout this entire process it just helped me to stay positive and remember the grand scope of things which was that I’m moving into a new apartment and I have a bunch of help Berta is loving it she has so many windows to look out of he’s having so much fun that makes me happy if my daughter’s happy the mom [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] honestly I couldn’t have done it without the emotional support Oh Freddie Oh such a nice apartment yeah yeah it’s really turned out really well group hug yeah Oh glasses too late so Freddie’s big move stress-free Freddie tested Freddie oh this was fun but I’m never moving again nope [Music]

100 thoughts on “Freddie Officially Moves In To Her New Apartment • Moving Series: Part 4 • Ladylike

  1. “We’re doing this on a budget”
    -gets so many awesome things gifted
    -gets serviced at a discount rate
    -gets buzzfeed to pay for everything else

  2. I really like ladylike, but the amount of relatable content is really dwindling.

    I’m blaming Freddie or anything, I’m happy she is able to get a sweet deal.

    Like most people in America, it’s hard enough to move, let alone have all of it done for free or heavily discounted. I feel like all the content lately is centered around unattainable (for most) scenarios. When she had her room redone it actually showed manageable and attainable ways to design without needing thousands of dollars. Just an opinion , love the show but wish it were like it used to be.

  3. Sigh…if I am being really honest this whole process frustrated me. Freddy just comes across as useless and helpless. When is the Ladylike team going to stop enabling her and tell her to estrogen up and be a real adult.

  4. Seems like a smart move to me getting free stuff, gift cards and discounts on labor. these videos were educational and relatable and (although we would pay full price for everything) it doesn't negate the fact that the organizational and design aspect was amazing! such great ideas that made the whole apartment look beautiful… maybe not the pepto bismol pink closet LOL but she likes pink so I'm glad that it works for her and her cute kitty:)

  5. I would have liked to have Kane help you out on this part. Just my opinion. I really really loved his design on the make overs he's made. 😍 so biased here lol
    Great video and design though. Not trying to take away from their great skills and their work. 😀

  6. Love Freddie but unlike most make over videos this didn’t feel like something anyone could do. I was kinda put off by all of the gifted things – like yay for Freddie but all that stuff would have cost so much money and it kind of felt out of touch with their younger viewers. It would have been cool if some areas were diy or budget friendly.

  7. Does anybody know where the wooden wall mount that her friend left in the apartment is from? Looking for something exactly like that!

  8. What does she mean by, "provided by _____"? Is she paying for any of this? Or is BuzzFeed just paying for the whole remodel?

  9. Cute apartment but I do have to say that what I usually like about the Ladylike videos is seeing them try things themselves and doing things on a budget that are realistic. This was not that! I just bought a new house a few months ago and would have loved to have all new stuff "gifted" to me and a team of people to come in and do all the work but it was basically just me and my husband. We just installed a whole new floor and painted the basement OURSELVES last month. There was more I would have liked to do but due to budget constraints and time, we will have to do things slowly or find more budget conscious solutions. I wish she would have done some of that here. Nobody I know can just go online and pick out whatever they want for their home and have it installed. I think this series of videos was kind of a fail for Ladylike. Still like you guys but hoping you go back to more realistic videos in the future. This one just kind of felt like Freddie saying "Look at Me". Sorry 🙁

  10. Seriously does anybody else not have period stain issues like me? I’m in my late twenties and leak. I see many women with light colored sofas. I have to slyly put something between me and their couch.

  11. So she got a free apparent makeover AND got paid for the labor because she's doing it as a work project 😂 damn girl your getting your hustle

  12. Omg its absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I love the couch n wallpaper in the bedroom. I'm moving in the next month n thought I only wanted to paint….not now. I want tht wallpaper 4 my room

  13. The apartment is cute but I'm so not about that couch in the dining room… All I can think about is someone staining that couch.

  14. So a bunch of you ladies have cats and Freddie just got a dope new couch…. Any tips for keeping cats from ruining your furniture? I'm not declawing but I too want a new couch lol

  15. I wonder if everyone would be this bitter and “bored” in the comments if it were any of the other girls 🧐 congratulations Freddie! It looks beautiful!

  16. So no one else noticed how tiny these rooms are? The whole apartment feels too small and for all the money she spent renovating it, I feel like you could have gotten a bigger space.

  17. Freddie makes me think of Julia Roberts' character in Steel Magnolias… If her signature color isn't pink I don't know what is 😁😁😁

  18. I have felt the tone of this series was off. Oh I am so stressed with is awful; despite whole team working for you, all the support of your friends and having huge amounts of it being paid for.
    Just felt ungrateful and like the experience was being milked for content

  19. I couldn't watch this series because of all the insanely impractical perks and weird shift in tone from the usual Ladylike vids. BUT I did come back for this final episode and I am SO happy to see the Kirk crew lookin so cute and comfy on camera. You go Mel and Brandon!

  20. Am I the only one who just doesn’t think it looks good like the living room especially the pink couch with the brown and beige rug or the banana wallpaper in the kitchen I’m just like oh….. but maybe it’s just down to taste

  21. There's a difference between interior decorator and interior designer and this girl is definitely decorator. Interior designers would use that space way better.

  22. Just moved into an apartment with my fiancé last week. Sure wish our job could have sponsored our move. The struggle will be real for a minute!

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