Friday Night Lights (3/10) Movie CLIP – Boobie Goes Down (2004) HD

Friday Night Lights (3/10) Movie CLIP – Boobie Goes Down (2004) HD

– [ Gaines ] Come on.
– Chris Comer! Come in. [ Gaines ]
Comer! You’re in the game.
Come on. Hey, hey, hey, hey, son. Come here!
Come here! Where you goin’? – You don’t want me to go in, Coach?
– You don’t want a helmet? Where’s your helmet?
Go get it!
Yes, sir!– You see my helmet, man?
– Find your helmet, son. – What you lookin’ for, Water Bug?
– Let me get this real quick.
Let me get your helmet, man.Come on, come on.
My goodness gracious.Boobie.
Water Bug, you can’t come out here
with no helmet, man. You seen my helmet right here?
I can’t believe it.28 sweep. 28 sweep.You don’t know where your helmet is?
What are you thinkin’?
Where did you put your helmet? – Right there a second ago.
– Well, it ain’t there! Do you not know that you
play the game with a helmet on?– Put your tail end right there.!
– Hut![ Sportscaster #1 ]
He throws back to Miles.Miles cuts to his right.Bailey takes him down.Was that a knee?
Could have been.[ Man ]
Hold on. Hold on.[ Sportscaster #1 ] Winchell
was still in there. Billingsley was
still in there. Unfortunately…the running back’s been taken down hard
and it looks like a knee could possibly–-Just gonna touch the kneecap here.
-[ Screams ]Does it hurt over here, son?Get up, Boobie. [ Moaning ]
Let me take a look at this.
Let me look at it.[ Man ]
It’s definitely his A.C.L.
I mean, it’s a legitimate tear.[ Gaines ]
Do you think he tore any cartilage?
Maybe. I could feel the knee catching.What do you think? This kid, it’s all about
how he responds mentally. I don’t know.

100 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights (3/10) Movie CLIP – Boobie Goes Down (2004) HD

  1. I dont, but its the most likely. think about it, he kept wanting to play, and got kind of pissed when the coach didnt let him, and plus hes super cocky and thinks hes above everyone else so he hid his helmet so he could play more.

  2. Billy Bob is so fuckin good in this movie. Hes great in every movie but that is my favorite part. "Hey hey! Where you going? You don't want a helmet." so funny!

  3. What about Miracle, Remember the Titans, Rudy, Glory Road, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Invisible and the whole Rocky movies?

  4. Boobie should have just given Comer his (Boobie's) helmet and let him play for a few seconds. Game's over anyway. Boobie gets a well earned rest, Waterbug gets a short run out. Everyone wins. But Boobie just HAD to be the man again. Pride's a bitch and she taught Boobie an almighty lesson that night.

  5. So sad when you are a superstar one moment and the next moment you are just an average joe…i hope boobie is doing good now

  6. This is what happens. You run your mouth, you talk down to your teammates, you think you're better than the team.
    You get injured and fucked up.

    Lesson learned BITCH.

  7. Yeah, I sounded like that when I did the 'Terrible Triad' – Full ACL tear, partial MCL tear and meniscus torn. I also badly bruised my femur and tibia. It was bad. But just an ACL tear is pretty painful.

  8. I go to San Angelo Central, our biggest rival in football is the Permian panthers, we hate them with a passion when it comes to football, but god damn this movie is so damn good

  9. how has nobody noticed that his right leg is clearly injured in the hit yet he's holding his left leg? I seen it the first time I watched the movie.

  10. Ok what always confused me about this scene was Comer was a third string running back, why didn't Gaines just put the second string guy in instead?

  11. Heartbreaking scene right here. Boobie Miles gave his all for football, and an injuries took it all away from him. Derek Luke did a hell of a job with this role. Everytime I see this scene, it gets me teary

  12. Derek Luke, the actor who plays Boobie Miles, would later portray conflicted high school guidance counselor Mr. Porter in "13 Reasons Why"

  13. The movie doesn’t really capture how bad it got for him. For one thing the real injury occurred during a preseason scrimmage making it much more tragic that he lost his scholarships and opportunities in such a pointless way. The coaches and team also didn’t care about him later.

  14. Tearing an ACL is no joke, never suffered a serious injury in football thank god but tore mine in wrestling ended my whole season it was only the third meet

  15. You wanna know something strange? Boobie would've never suffered that knee injury if the other guy would've had his helmet.

  16. And that right there is how a player's promising career came to an abrupt end, it's sad that these type of injuries can happen to athletes with so much potential

  17. 00:39–00:51 I don't care if he's my coach if he talked to me like that I woulda said, WELL THAT'S WHERE I F*** PUT IT SO WHY DON'T YOU GET THE F*** OUTTA MY FACE AND STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE I'M YOUR DAMN SON

  18. Let this inspire all great athletes out there to not play in garbage time because the game has already been decided so there's no need to keep playing and risk an injury when you weren't needed in the game anymore

  19. It kills me Everytime I see the opposing coach smirk and those 2 players smack hands in response to him getting hurt. I would have rushed and fought them for my teammate. Sorry not Sorry💪💪🏻💪🏿🖤🏈🥊👀

  20. This whole movie is basically false. Not even close to the real deal. They lied on Dallas Carter, and also lied on teams they beat in the playoffs.

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