Friday Night Lights (5/10) Movie CLIP – Boobie’s MRI (2004) HD

Friday Night Lights (5/10) Movie CLIP – Boobie’s MRI (2004) HD

This the best damn hospital
in Texas. The very best. My son, Andrew, played for Midland,
and ended up back East at Penn. Oh, he playin’ with,
uh, Joe Paterno.University of Pennsylvania.
Uh, premed.Oh.
Just let it relax.
You have any pain?Not at all.
Does this hurt? Nope.
None of that hurts? Nope.
Okay. Go ahead and sit up and
just let your legs hang over the side. In fact, why don’t you
go ahead and get dressed
and let me look at the scan. I-I’m sorry.
You’reJames’ dad? No, I’m his uncle.
Come over and let me–
let me look at the scan with you.Uh, this is the scan
wejust did today ofhis knee…and this is looking right
through the middle of the knee. What we’re looking at
right through here is– is the A.C.L., and what this shows is that
he’s had a fairly significant,
fairly serious injury. James, let me show you.
Right through here
is where the injury is, and it looks like you’ve had
a pretty serious injury
to that part of your knee. Significant enough that–
that I have concerns about
what you can do from here on. So when can I suit up? Well, let me just say with how
your knee felt when I examined it
and what I see on the scan–With– with the–
the things that you do well–The reason that you’re great
is that you can run and cut
and hammer people… and you don’t hesitate
because you’ve got a solid knee.When you don’t have this ligament,
you can’t do that,
so it’s really out of the question.What? No, no, no. That’s–
That’s not what Dr. Spencer said. He said three weeks.
Three weeks is up,
and I’m ready to play. I understand. I understand,
but again, when I– Based on what I see
when I feel your knee, examine
your knee– What I see here– [ Stammers ]
You– You really can’t play
with this kind of knee. What are you talkin’
about, I can’t play?
I’m gonna play. I’m ready to play.
My team needs me.
I’m ready to play. Listen to me.
I am listenin’ to you.I-I want–
I want what’s best for you.You and I
are on the same page–
We ain’t on the same page.!How you gonna want
what’s best for me?
Hold on. Hold on. How you gonna want
what’s best for me?
You from Midland, right? You from Midland? Huh?
This is bull, man. You just jealous
’cause you from Midland. What I recommend–
You jealous ’cause you from Midland.
Who paying you? – Who paying you?
– Come on, Boobie. That’s okay. You tryin’ to take
my football career!You tryin’to take
my football career.!
Boobie, let’s get out ofhere.Tryin’to take my football career.!
Whatever you’re sayin’ to me,
listen to me. Come on!

48 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights (5/10) Movie CLIP – Boobie’s MRI (2004) HD

  1. In real life he played through that injury and made it worse. His life ever since has went down the toilet. Just read up on wikipedia and you'll find out how sad it got.

  2. @LJes007, your right he was an amazing running back, but when he got hurt he had nothing to fall back on. He never tried with his education and now he's pretty much a bum without a job and that actor really did an excellent job.

  3. This book sucks & movie sucks, it flashes subframe subliminals. Go read INFOWARS.COM. to atleast get a basic start at rehabing your mind. REALITY PEOPLE!!

  4. Thats not true, He gets paid to talk in front of crowds about his life and his injury and what has gone threw. He has a lot of money, and doing well in life

  5. It's a good thing his uncle was a big and strong enough guy to restrain Boobie or he probably would have gotten himself arrested.

  6. @Jacob Kleinsmith he has been in between jobs for years, has been arrested multiple times as well as recieving a probation sentence for aggravated assault. He does not make money as a motivational speaker he is basically broke and is not doing anywhere near "Good" in life.  His life has been in pieces ever since the knee injury, its sad, but there really is no denying it.

  7. I love how he tries to fake it.  These days, doctors and (select few) trainers are so good, it's impossible to avoid.

  8. a mi me paso lo mismo, exactamente, pero en rugby.. es mas doloroso el proceso psicologico de perder la oportunidad que la lesion

  9. if Boobie had just sat it out for a while and not try to play with a freshly torn ACL, maybe he would still be able to play again. it's not just football but other sports. Derrick Rose had any and every injury to his knee including a torn ACL and he's been playing pretty good. but I heard he was hurt again.

  10. Take the year so what you don't get the big scholarship it's there loss when you heal up but that all I'm saying

  11. I definitely know what an ACL, MCL and soft tissue totally destroyed feels like. Like a sword slice. Great football movie. One of the best.

  12. If he listened to the doctor, had surgery and missed his senior year he could have still made it big. He tried playing hurt and ruined his knee even more

  13. What people dont realize is that this movie is set in 1985, during that time if you blew your knee out it was a death sentence for your career. Nowadays a torn acl is just another broken bone

  14. "So, when can I suit up?"

    Doctor's Face is like: 'Are you listening to what I'm saying to you?'

    I love how insistent they both are. The acting is so great!

  15. Deep down he knew that he couldn’t play. The sad part is the look on his face when the doc says that he could no longer do it only makes it that much more painful

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