Friday Night Lights (6/10) Movie CLIP – Boobie Cleans Out His Locker (2004) HD

Friday Night Lights (6/10) Movie CLIP – Boobie Cleans Out His Locker (2004) HD

What’s up, Water Bug?What’s up, Boobie?Water Bug! Play-offs belong to you, baby.
I’ll make you proud. What you all lookin’ at? Play your ass off!
Win state. Be perfect, all that shit. This is a gift for you.
It’s gonna be worth
a lot of money. I bet it will. You be perfect, Preacher Man. What’s up? Now what we gonna do?
I can’t do nothin’ else
but play football. Hey, hey.
Don’t worry about that. Don’t worry about it?
I can’t be doin’ nothin’ else.
You’ll be all right, son. I can’t do nothin’ else
but play football. [ Sobs ] Why? We practiced
and we practiced.
It’ll be okay. You told me we were
gonna go to the pros. [ Sobbing ]
What the hell am I gonna do
without my knee? [ Indistinct ]
You’ll find somebody else.
Don’t worry about it, son. No! I wanted to buy you a house![ Boobie ]
They won’t
let me play, though.!

100 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights (6/10) Movie CLIP – Boobie Cleans Out His Locker (2004) HD

  1. Haven’t seen this guy in a movie in a while.. I don’t know why though he’s a great actor

  2. He hid his team mates helmet so he wouldn't sub him out of the game all cause he had to be the spotlight. Treated his team mates as less than him he got what was coming to him.

  3. This was so sad because it showed his true character, he may have seemed arrogant and self centered but once his dreams were ripped away it’s like damn, once he went pro he was going to set his family up before he even worried about himself

  4. Redman loves the Scene, David Banner loves the Scene, Capone loves the Scene, Memphis Bleek loves the Scene, Warren G loves the Scene, Erick Sermon loves the Scene, Shawnna loves the Scene, D-Mob loves the Scene, Henry Rollins loves the Scene, Joe Budden loves the Scene, Chris Lighty loves the Scene, Jacob the Jeweler loves the Scene & Kimora Lee Simmons loves the Scene

  5. My how I love it when cocky people loose it all. Just goes to show, stay humble and just play the game. Even if you are the best, in just an instant it can be taken away from you.

  6. What a sweet boy. I love the contrast of his cocky walk while walking to the car and how the scene ends. The pain of knowing he won't be the person he planned to be.

  7. I can't feel sorry for him. His uncle who raised him never taught him anything except play football. I read up on his life story some time ago. He never studied in school, walked around like no one can touch him, and conceited even to his own teammates. Karma got him.

  8. I remember my Jr year I got a partially detracted vertebra from playing linebacker. The hits I took freshmen and sophomore just added up to the point where by Jr year it was too much. I remember leaving the doctor's and reacting the same way with my Dad who trained me since I was 9 years old. It's the worst feeling.

  9. This movie isn't motivational like Rudy, Remember the Titans or Facing the Giants. It's a gritty, in your face and very real sports film. Don't expect motivational speeches, fantastic montages or emotional win moments like most sport movies. This movie shows the real deal of HS football, and the reality that if you don't make it beyond HS then you will be forgotten as quick as your last touchdown. This is probably the realest sports movie ever made.

  10. Oh this scene had me crying! But not the way y’all think. Somebody spliced this scene with the last play in the Dallas Cowboys sweep of the Eagles in 2018 and posted it as the eagles response! LOL!

  11. I ended up tearing my ACL senior year in a scrimmage and never got to play that year but I know how it feels to have something abruptly taken from you because of an injury. It's sad. Now I was never as good as Booby, but i had something similar end my season.

  12. Didnt think Id dig on this movie when it first came out. Was really surprised by it.

    This scene was great. Sad as hell. The little throw in of the car brochures…life totally changed. Amazing scene

  13. Every athlete he's been injured or can't play a sport anymore feel this way it's pretty much all I know when you put all your heart dedication to something and you lose it you feel like you lost yourself.

  14. Someone mentioned this movie earlier today and I immediately thought if this scene. I had never cried just thinking about a scene. This was such powerful acting and directing. Just knowing that he barely made it to the car without breaking down is devastating.

  15. I was 16 years old when I got hurt my groin and hip playing hockey. I was devasted and thought my life was meaningless. One minute I won the top goalie and MVP award and the next month I couldn't even walk. I missed all my teammates. I never played again, but my leg healed after 2 years. I went to University and received three degrees, and have a successful career now. So I think important for all athletes to try hard in school so they have options. I cried with my father in the car the exact same way!!!!

  16. I am not trying to be mean or funny , if Boobie hadn't hid that dude helmet things probably would have been different. He was being selfish at the moment all about him and in that particular game they was up big. The Most High has ways of making you humble.

  17. played 2 years of college ball then it was all over after 3 shoulder surgeries don't take it for granted

  18. My 2 sons are both 2 way athletes, the youngest decided to play basketball instead of football to protect his body and ended up with a torn meniscus and no ACL sophomore year requiring a double surgery. He breathes basketball still and he’s bout to be a senior and I worry every day he’s gonna blow his knee out. These kids love their games and it’s hard when they can’t play anymore.

  19. If I was an actor I would use this scene to get the tears flowing whenever I needed them. I've watched this dozens of times and I doubt I'll ever be immune to it. One of the best couple minutes of acting ever put on a screen.

  20. The sad thing is that his life went down the toilet after this. Got arrested several times and in between jobs. Basically he'a financially destitute.

  21. The only YouTube video that made me cry, my brother played football, and the coach always played the same people every time. My brother still tried and he was so happy with it… I play football now and it’s just too much to watch this.

  22. The fact that a black man wanted to buy another black man house made me cry. You don't see that no more. Black Dads or hell even a father figure being there for they kids.

  23. WOW! A truly amazing and powerful acting performance in this scene! So much that it almost leaves you disturbed. It's almost like a punch to the gut. Any father who has had to comfort their son when they were really hurting can relate.

  24. The house line gets me every single time. He might of been a cocky jerk, but deep down he was really likable.

  25. When he handed over his name tape at 1:12… The emotions boiling up in his face, and his voice begging to crack is just phenomenal acting, really made me feel his pain in this scene

  26. I don’t feel sorry he was an arrogant player and saw the rest of his whole team as lesser than him he didn’t deserve a house for his uncle

  27. Athletic talent is great to have, but so many parents put these kids talents at the forefront but they don't teach these kids to use their brains and accel academically.

  28. Man only if he didnt take workout lightly. No matter how good you are your body still needs the training and molding to be better. Thats why you do the footwork drills. Dont get me worng some people workout build up and stuff do happen but in his case he was too cocky.

  29. Sad part indeed. I remember my dad telling me when I was growing up when I wanted to play pro football he said that’s fine but have a plan B to fall back on if plan A doesn’t work. He was an advocate of education and pushed me to have academic success. I earned a football scholarship and played college ball and also made the Dean’s list in college. Didn’t get drafted was saddened by it but graduated with honors and got commissioned in the US Army and had a great career served 21 years and retired as a LTC!

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