Friday Night Lights (7/10) Movie CLIP – Creepy Boosters (2004) HD

Friday Night Lights (7/10) Movie CLIP – Creepy Boosters (2004) HD

Hey, Coach.
How you doin’?
Hey. Ben, how you doin’?
All right, Coach. You? Oh, pretty good.
Hi, Sharon. How you doin’? – We’re just out gettin’
flowers for the ladies.
– Secretaries Week. Oh, is that right? I’ll be dogged.
Well, see, I don’t have a secretary.So I don’t have to worry.
You win state, Coach,
we’ll get you two secretaries. Everything all right?
Well, yeah. Everybody’s gonna be just fine. Everything’s all right, as long
as we get out there and get
what we need to get done…and, uh, you know,
win state.Boy, I sure hope so.
Yeah, me too. Yeah, I want it bad
as y’all do, believe me.
Yes, sir. ‘Course, you know, Dallas Carter.
That’s a– That’s a tough team. Real tough team.
Yeah? Well. We’re a pretty tough
team too, Coach.
Yeah, that’s true. So, uh, beat ’em. Or what? Or what? Or–
[ Sighs ] You know, that’d be a real
bad deal for you, Gary, so– All right? Let’s just
get out there and get it done.Get that state championship.Well, I sure appreciate your support. We believe in you.
I’m glad you do. We’re behind you, Coach.
See you, Sharon.Well,thatwas subtle. Yup.
Are we gonna move again? No, baby.
It’s possible. No.

33 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights (7/10) Movie CLIP – Creepy Boosters (2004) HD

  1. This relates to a town of a small group of people with only 1 football team, you honestly must not play football too not understand.

  2. You've never read the book. Odessa is home to TWO high schools, Odessa High and Permian High. They share the football field. Get your facts straight first and actually read the book before you criticize.

  3. It's kinda funny to look back at this clip. My dads corvette was the red one used in the movie that the boosters are driving. The Walmart was my home towns, now we have a "super center" which there's nothing super about it!! It was fun to hang out on the set and talk to all the people, even BBT was a pretty cool guy!!

  4. Before homecoming we put "For Sale" all over our school about 100 signs. of course the next day we blamed it on our cross town rivals.

  5. This is not an exaggeration in the '80's Odessa. The coach before Gaines won 89% of the 130-plus games he coached and had For Sale signs put in his yard after a loss to Midland Lee.

  6. Psychology is an incredible field to study. Why adults in their 50's would care so much about whether their local high school football team won a State Championship is quite odd. The explanation behind it would be quite interesting.

  7. Connie Britton was younger and hotter in the movie version. She got the job as Coach Taylor's wife on the TV series but a bit older and more matronly

  8. I see Garrity as the hero in this clip. Motivating and reminding the head coach that they have a pretty good team too and actually have a chance to win the game. Coach was already prepping for the loss before Garrity showed his own faith in the boys.

  9. "Or what?…..well that would be a real bad deal for you Gary….so lets just get out there and get it done. Get that state championship"

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