Friday Night Lights (8/10) Movie CLIP – Ivory’s Pep Talk (2004) HD

Friday Night Lights (8/10) Movie CLIP – Ivory’s Pep Talk (2004) HD

Forty yards? Hell no![ Permian Asst. Coach ]
You guys arenotdoin’
any pass blockin’.You’re just steppin’ aside
and lettin’ ’em walk in– Pop, pop, pop!
That’s what I want!
All of you around that ball![ Man ]
To go for two and get it every
single time? That is ridiculous.Do you realize they have not
even kicked a field goal yet?
Just relax. We not tryin’ to coach y’all now.Coach done gave y’all
all these adjustments, okay?If you do everything the coach
told you to do–
Two-point conversions,I want those gone.
Here is what we’re gonna do.We’re gonna use our speed.
We’re gonna run Texas power–What’s wrong with y’all?
Y’all are playin’ like some little girls! Y’all act like you never
played football before!
These guys are nothin’! – You hear me?
– They bleed just like we do. – [ In Unison ]
Yes, sir!
– And sweat just like we do. – Do you hear me?
– They went through two-a-days. – We went through two-a-days
in 1 1 0 degree heat!
– Yes, sir! I want you to hit everything
that move! If the ref gets
in your way, you hit him! – Okay, then. Let’s play!
– They’re cheatin’ us too! They’re against us too.
This is our team. This is us! Let’s go right now!
Let’s get it off now and let’s go!

78 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights (8/10) Movie CLIP – Ivory’s Pep Talk (2004) HD

  1. this game reminds me of my senior year in the state championship…i played bball and we were down 20 pts at the half, we all were arguing and some freshmen yelled "shut the fuck up! yall are seniors, if this how how you wanna go down like this? have some fucking fight left in yall! THIS IS YOUR FUCKING YEAR!"

  2. this reminds me back when i played football in highschool, and i told my team during halftime, "ya playing bunch of little girls, what the fuck is wrong with ya! this is our game! our year! our time! lets fuckin win this shit" and the team captain told me to sit the fuck down and that we're up by 30 points.

  3. are you asking why hes on crutches? first game of the season theyre winning big, coach tries to put in comer but he cant find his helmet so they put boobie back in and he tears his ACL. if you never seen this movie i HIGHLY recommend u watch it. my favorite sports movie.

  4. i watched the movie i missed typed my sentence… it suppose to say does anyone know how boobie is doing now…like where he ;lives, works etc.

  5. my first game of freshman year we were down 19-0 at halftime and at the start of the forth quarter we were down 26-6 and yet we made adjustments and won 30-26….bottom line is never quit

  6. this has to be the best part in the whole movie, when the guy who barely speaks goes BESERK lol… i know its kind of late but i started to watch the Series, and i've been told they didnt have a similar character to Preacherman – which is bullshit! he was my favourite character

  7. I love this movis this my favorite part this give me chills I miss playing football im thinking going back to school and playing im only 24

  8. What's wrong with y'all! … blah, bah, blah, mumble-mumble, 2-a-days, bah, blah, hundred (something about heat) lets go!

  9. Have you ever heard of someone regular losing fat–and delighting in three full scrumptious meals at the same time? Go and google Fat Blast Factor to learn more.

  10. The reason I like this scene is not an obvious one. I like that you see the Dallas Carter kids are under just as much pressure. Sure they are big, strong, fast, cocky etc, but they are still feeling everything the Permian kids are feeling. 

  11. I went to high school with Lee Jackson dude was a stud on a very good 1997 Longview Lobo football team (Longview, TX). He was a few years ahead of me. I remember the varsity coaches asked some of the J.V guys to be dummies on punt coverage. Well a lot of crack blocks were coming and he lead me to the sideline out of harms way sure appreciate that because heads were getting busted that day. Lee thanks.

  12. If you're disappointed about Ivory Christian becoming a Long haul truck driver, don't be. Those dudes make very good money. I'm sure he's doing just fine lol.

  13. After remaining silent for the majority of the movie, he explodes here. The silent leader is the most powerful speaker when he chooses to speak.

  14. Being black the worst feeling in the world is playing on a mixed team and getting whooped by a team of your own race tbh.

  15. 9 of those Dallas Carter players would go on to be in nail that next year. 30 for 30 has a documentary on it. It was national news.

  16. Ivory Christian is still preaching and he is currently a short haul truck driver in Dallas. He's doing pretty good for himself.

  17. 0:50 I really like when Bobby's nodding during Ivory's pep talk.  It's like he's saying, "well said Preacher, fire em up"

  18. Seeing Miles sit there watching him go off is so sad… that look on his face is just like…. man I wish more than anything I could be out there with y'all

  19. WE WENT THROUGH 2 a DAYS IN 110 degree HEAT! Man being from Fort Worth dallas area I can tell you we also went thru 110 degree heat…

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