Friday Night Lights – Your Hand in Mine (tribute video)

Friday Night Lights – Your Hand in Mine (tribute video)

The radio 470 AM. It is game day, people! And I have never felt this kind of electricity. This town of Dillon, Texas is on fire. As far as football, we got a game Friday. We got a lot work to do. We’re gonna play fast and we’re gonna take what we can get gentlemen. Do you understand me? Let’s show em’ what we’ve got. Yes, sir! This town is ready for it. Let’s play some football. And here we go folks… This is not just some game, you realise that? This is about tradition, it’s about keeping the spirit of this town alive. It’s football: it’s all we’ve got. In 10 years from now, good friends livin’ large in Texas. Texas forever. This town makes these kids into idols.

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Texas isn’t even a state. It’d be nice to live somewhere that’s actually a part of this planet. If you give 100% of yourself tonight people are going to look at you differently. And I promise you you’re going look and think differently about yourself. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Can’t lose! Blood, sweat and tears. It all stays right here, right now. This is ours baby! There is not a person in the world that could do this, except for you. This is what you do, I’ve seen you do it with my own eyes. I have faith in us. We can either win together or we can lose alone. I’m going all the way! All the way and nobody’s holding me back. Not you, not anybody. Oh this kid can move. Neither of us can be who we are without football. I had the best time of my life on this field. Your dad’s not able to see what I see. You always love football Matty. There are more important things than football. But there is nothing more important to me than you. All these people so caught up in their tiny little lives. I love it! I love it! You gonna steal a cripples girl, but you won’t fight a cripple! You’re a coward Riggins, always will be! You get your stuff and you get out of here right now, do you hear me?! GO! GO! You are not allowed to have sex! You’re 15 years old! I have walked with you all these years to create our dreams. This is not just about football. This is about pride. Not keeping it, but finding it. You just have to keep doin’ it over and over. Forget about the big guys charching at you… the fans, the chaos… forget it all. Just let it go. Two years ago I was afraid of wanting anything. I figured wanting would lead to trying and trying would lead to failure. And now I find, I can’t stop wanting. I wanna fly somewhere in first class. I wanna travel to Europe on a business trip. I wanna get invited to the White House. I wanna learn about the world. I wanna surprise myself. I wanna be important I wanna be the best person I can be. I wanna define myself instead of having others define me. I wanna to win and have people be happy for me. I wanna lose and get over it. I wanna not be afraid of the unknown. I wanna grow up to be generous and big hearted the way people have been with me. I wanna interesting, surprising life. It’s not that I think I am going to get all these things. I just want to possibility of getting them. I can’t wait. We will all, at some point in our lives… fall. We will all fall. We must carry this in our hearts… that what we have is special. That it can be taken from us. And when it is taken from us, we will be tested. You’re gonna survive. Every man at some point in his life is gonna lose a battle. He’s gonna fight, and he’s gonna lose. But what makes him a man is that in the midst of that battle, he does not lose himself. This game is not over. This battle is not over. This is about all of us. Every single one of us. Together. I cannot believe. Come on, babe! Go, Panthers! Keep reaching, you keep going. I’m just figuring out my life right now. You lived up everyone around you. I’m starting to appreciate, I was shaped by my town. Good, then… make yourself at home. It’s endless. I got the best life. I got it all. Texas forever? Texas forever. Gentleman… There has been a lot of talk about expectations lately. Expectation of what we should be able to do, to win. People are expecting. I see us winning out there tonight. I have no trouble seeing that. That is not what Im expecting. I expect you boys to go out there and not take this team lightly, because I promise you. They’re gonna come at you with everything they’ve got. I expect you boys to execute. I expect you boys to play football. Clear eyes, full hearts… eh, we’ll deal with that later.

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  1. I think that they should make a new couple seasons of were Matt get out of collage and he comes back to coach and they win state and they have like Luke kaferty and Vince Howard as o and d coaches

  2. This to me is one of the best shows ever. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I am looking towards watching it again.

  3. @Narvinek, any chance this tribute gonna be renewed like Six Feet Under's? Audio is not too good sometimes.
    Great video anyway!

  4. This is my favorite show in the world I can watch this everyday I wish they would had made 10 seasons instead of 5 season…. sometimes I wish they would make one more show & tell us where are they now…

  5. this show really did kick ass. i never gave it a shot at first but ive seen the movie a bunch of times. makes me wish that i had played football in high school thats for sure.

  6. This is amazing. I just finished the whole show, it took me only 4 days and I miss all of them so much… Your video is perfect, the feels man… Could you just make the weird sound during tyra's speech disappear ?

  7. overtime i watch this i get chills. i watched all 5 seasons and then just rewatched them for another time this year. didn't think id get so attached to this show but god i love it. FNL is seriously in my top list of shows to recommend and is in my top favorite shows of all time. Clear eyes, Full hearts, can't lose!

  8. One of the few shows ever made that really captures what the America between the coasts is like. Turns out, the people and the stories out in the heartland are as compelling and interesting as anything ever filmed in NY or LA.

    Hope, Dreams, Conflict, Friendship, Betrayal, Desperation, Heartbreak, Resiliency, Triumph, Defeat, Death, Toughness, Love, Family….all this portrayed in wonderful storytelling that felt emotionally true.

    Clear Eyes, Full Hearts….. Can't lose.

  9. Watching this makes me wanna play football rn I'm coming up on my senior season I'm getting moved from defensive end to middle line backer and full back so I plan on having the best season of my life listening to this song and watching this video makes me wanna be under those lights rn

  10. I watched this show so long ago and I saw this video randomly pop up, but I'm so glad it did. This show is one of my favourites. So many memories. Texas forever❤

  11. Hi you all. I am from Macedonia. (that's a small country north of Greece and south of Serbia on the Balkans.) We are Slavs and speak similar language to the Russians and a lot of people feel close to the Russians. I was working in Yellowstone National Park for 9 months as a student in the U.S and I visited Bozeman so many times. Last year I applied for a visa for the last time, because I am finishing my master studies and I wanted to spend 4 more months in the most spiritual place I have ever visited (Bozeman). Unfortunately I was rejected and all I have left are just wonderful memories. That kind of freedom and such kindness and culture I was not able to find in Europe (I have been working in Germany and Sweden as well.) I swear I will come and visit Montana and Wyoming one more time and this time I will stay there permanently. I just can not explain how much I fell in love in the culture and the spirit the small towns in the U.S are having. This TV show are explaining my current emotional state just perfectly. Oh 'Murica how wonderful you are. Cheers from across the pond. Europe can never have the beauty that 'Murica has!

  12. Such underrated brilliance, that show. I watch the pilot now & then & can't not find myself in tears. To know the pilot pretty well, but al aye be moved to tears by it, is pretty special.

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  14. i love this show!!!! i remember getting a glimps of it when it was barely coming out and i said ehhh didnt watch it didnt care for it, fast forward it to this year and wooah!! felt so connected to this show!! i wished i had seen it when it came out tho, i would of been playing football in high

  15. Anyone know why the hell this series isn't available in HD? I see it on Amazon bluray in 'Standard Definition' , that is the most ridiculous thing. I can remember it was an exclusive on Direct TV's channel 101 before it became a TV phenomenon in like '06 or '07. But before it blew up, FNL was literally one of the 1st things I saw on TV that was High Definition, now the only way to view it properly is on Netflix. I dunno I like physical movie copies and don't mind getting blurays of series I love like Sopranos or Breaking Bad. To me, FNL is in that category…One of the Best Series EVER. Make an HD Collection damnit!!

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  19. TТTThis is the nicеist movie i еver see!!! I advise еeеeverуbody to watch it 🙂

  20. A friend sent me this after feeding me whisky and causing me to be a little huggier than normal (we may have crushes on each other) and now I'm totally overthinking what it means. Is it just that they consider me a good friend and hope we'll still be friends in the years to come or are they telling me something more? Halp!

  21. I come back and watch this video at least once every six months or so – or whenever I really start to miss this show and these characters but I don't have the time to rewatch the entire series in the way that I want to. This video is amazing – you can tell just how much you love this show and these characters, and it's exactly why I come back to this video over and over again. Thanks for making such an amazing tribute to such an amazing show!!!

  22. The title name of the show should have been knocked up or having a baby or some shit. I think there's more time spent on babies than football. I understand sometimes you have to do it, because it's naturally going to be a part of certain story arcs, but writers should note when it comes to any TV series… avoid the baby plot lines as much as possible and if you have to, don't spend too much time on it. It's a fact that every television series in history that opens up a baby story line, it's always the weakest point of every single series ever made. Sometime you have to do it, but note, it's always going to be the weakest moments of a show.
    This show actually had the nerve to go with the Jason Street pregnancy only to bounce back with another one during the 4th season because the writers apparently wanted to make a political statement. Which reminds me…. the most pointless baby plot-line of all time is the one in The Walking Dead. The only purpose it serves is, you think you're kicking back watching a show, only to get the high pitch shrill of a baby cry semi regularly. Only point being is that all shows should abort their babies.

  23. It took me several years to finally sit down and start watching this show. But I can safely say that after binge watching this show in a couple of weeks, the show has made me laugh, it has made me cry, it has motivated me to be a better man in life.
    Eric Taylor's character is probably the kind of person I want to be when I grow up. Motivational, sensitive, empathetic, a great father, a great husband, and over everything else, a great human being.

  24. this brings back so much memories, god I miss highschool and and playing highschool football GO HAMILTON BIG BLUE!!!! BIG BLUE PRIDE!!! HAMILTON BIG BLUE BULL DOGS FOR LIFE!!!! Now I'm playing for a semi pro football team called the Cincinnati Dukes, I'm working on going to play college football and then the NFL.

  25. Your Hand in Mine is probably one of the best songs I’ve ever heard on guitar and drums. Friday Night Lights is the one show I never skipped the intro

  26. I am watching this everytime before i go to my training or when i am sitting at my computer with windows open.
    this series was just more than perfect. i really like the camera angles and movements.
    when i watched the 5 seasons, i was about 18 years old and not knowing what is still to come. i suffered from depression for 3 years and attempted suicide like 11 months ago but i am glad i survived. i will watch this series again on this weekend. i am so happy that ive won against depression, i am so motivated and i think i might need some motivational quotes from eric taylor and his bois. i am sure i will cry a lot but its worth it. i am on a better way right now and i am hungry to win.

  27. after so many years has passed, still is the best show ever aired. and i'm not even from texas ✌ #cleareyesfullheartscantlose

  28. The melody that kicks in at 2:30 of this song remains the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. And it fits this show and this retrospective like a glove.

  29. Just finished rewatching and blown away again by what a quality show it was. The characters will always stay with us. Great tribute.

  30. There is two masterpieces in the movie and drama.
    As a movie; peter jackson's middle-earth saga
    As a drama…you what I gonna say. Texas forever&Clear Eyes Full Heart Cant lose

  31. Just finished watching the series. Im depressed. It will take me a while until im ready to start watching another series. So many different feelings throughout the series and now this show and "The Wire" are my favourite tv shows. [email protected] im unhappy that it ended

  32. hands down, this is the best show i’ve ever seen. i’m a 2004 baby and i watched this with my mom. Still my favorite show ever. so sad they took it off netflix

  33. I’ve been watching and listening to this since my sophomore year I listen to it every game day and every time I put on my gear and stepped onto the field and even till this day I get those same feeling I did right before game time!

  34. What happened to this genre of TV shows? One of the most relatable and heart gripping shows i think for me and many others.. Man i miss the field!

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