Future Interior Design – Алые Паруса – Футуристическая квартира дизайн интерьера – обзор

Future Interior Design – Алые Паруса – Футуристическая квартира дизайн интерьера – обзор

Hello, my name is Stanislav Orekhov. I’m a designer and today I will show you one of the more interesting projects we have been able to do for a private client This is an apartment in Alyie Parusa, 250 meters, in which we used a futuristic design. Right now we are at the entrance and here you can already see an unusual decision – this bathroom which is at the center and splits our spaces into two parts. The kitchen space and the central space, with a large, beautiful couch, fireplace and huge flatscreen. Behind these mirrors there is a big closet: cabinet and laundry room. The doors and nearby walls are covered with micro cement- a kind of rugged looking plaster. The chairs are complex as well, featuring gills. It’s all in support of our theme. And this mirror around the perimeter that reflects light and gives an emerald green hue to the entryway. Let’s look at the console table and the large mirror – it opens up the space better than anything else could. We’re moving forward along the wave, which is illuminated all the way along the ceiling and falls on the falls in two shafts. The panels are backlit by LED lights and can shine any color. Now we’re in the kitchen and here we have an island for meals, for breakfasts. And of course we’ve put in a table top here. Next we see the entrance and the refrigerator that’s fitted with these specialty panels- it’s an interesting idea. It’s built-in and fits the theme. We have tried to use these circular movements. Movement number one: Around the bathroom, around the refrigerator and kitchen and circular movement number two: around the bar and, of course, plastic. It’s everywhere here. We’re now in the hallway of the central area with the large flatscreen. And plastic – it’s all around – on the ceiling, on the walls. One of the most common questions we get is: “How is the ceiling made and how was it built?” I’ll tell you the secret. Actually, there’s not much of a secret,it’s just a certain technique. At first we made the frame from rods, and then on that frame we made a rough draft out of plaster. Similar to papier mache. The last layer is architectural concrete. It’s made of a specialized mix that evens it out. And then it’s painted and given one last layer to even it out. It gives the LED’s an opening so that everything begins to be lit up. I want to say a little bit more about the ceiling. At the top are special light fixtures that are lit by projectors and essentially give recessed lighting that you can’t see here. Except for lamps, of course, this beautiful jellyfish, which is probably more likely accent lighting than a primary light source. All the outside walls aren’t just simple walls, but constructed with LED’s as well. They’re in their own openings. So, if you look at the whole of the interior, we don’t have one normal, as is typically accepted, wall All of the elements, they kind of expand the space and surround us with the different atmosphere that we wanted to create in this interior. And because of the lighting, the walls, the floor, the ceiling, there is this interesting space. We are filming this clip at night, but you can totally get the feeling that it’s daytime since all the LED’s are on and they aren’t just on but they’re built-in and give an interesting effect, which in a way, stops time. And this was one of our main goals- the create an underwater kingdom with a remote control and the ability to change it anytime you wish. Everything is controllable on this remote,and with the touch of just one finger you can completely transform the space. I’d like to direct your attention to the floor. Everything here has been done in hexagons. It’s a specific shape and it was chosen here because it has a kind of window in the floor and that’s the primary architecture of this apartment – one of the accent elements. We decided to continue this element. We made accent elements out of illuminated onyx, in the the hexagon shaped table, and of course, we were able to find this wonderful sofa that supported this chaotic yet structured form. Also, in the window box we added backlit sand and rocks. So we were able to preserve the height of the ceiling and show the depth. There’s a separate space behind the couch that has hanging crystal-this is the hookah lounge. The client really loves music and sound, so we’ve put in this big subwoofer. But he didn’t like the black box so it will be covered with Corian and we’re going to integrate a fog machine with lasers, so it will be a real stage. This is the swing. It’s made of Corian as a special order.It’s attached at the ceiling. You can get nice and comfortable here and not be afraid to fall. It’s above illuminated stones. It’s nice to swing and kick back and take it easy. It’s also placed in a clever spot. When seated in the chair at once we can see the dining room, we can talk with people there, that are at the table or the bar, if someones’e serving drinks, as well as the section with the sofa’s, and also the most distant section – the kitchen, and the bar even a bit of the TV. This black glass is a floating wall. Around it is a gas fireplace that you can see from any side- from either the living room or from the dining room table. We can also see the fireplace when we come in the door.The first thing we see are the rocks that are lit up by the flames. The bar is made of Corian and backlit. The lighting, like the rest of the interior, can be manipulated to change color. Here you can serve friends and also be a part of the party. Onyx is one of my favorite materials. It’s a natural stone that can be backlit. It has an interesting structure- it lets through the lighter colors and the darker colors offer
a contrast. Here we’ve upholstered almost the whole column and it separates the the two sections – the dining area and living room. This is also how we’ve done up the supporting column. We’ve made it airy and connected together the floor, walls, dining room floor. We made a solid monolith that doesn’t look like some kind of weird lump, but comes across as airy, cloud-like. This type of construction that demands attention is probably one of the most accented pieces in this interior. We’ve seen the main area. This where there will be different events: meeting friends and guests, having fun, and having a good time. And, of course, this wouldn’t be an apartment but some kind of club, if it didn’t have a private area. And this here hallway, in the form of a honey comb, also, I would like to point out, using the hexagon shape has made this passage unusual. Passing through we end up in the private area. We’re going to look at a few of the rooms These rooms are a bit more usual. This is the lounge- office. There’s a fold-out sofa, LED lighting, 3D panels that were special ordered and also add to the shape of waves The curtains are Tulle and there is a nice view of the bay. We’ll move on. This is a wonderful multi-sided mirror. Now we’re in the bathroom. It’s a small guest bathroom. Here we have two sinks, the bathtub, the shower. There’s nothing unusual here. It’s all stylish and tidy. Here we have artificial onyx- ceramic tile. It’s not as expensive but can still fit in with the overall concept since it’s made in the same style. Now we move on to the next section. This is the guest room. Here, probably, the most unusual thing is this paneled mirror which reflects the whole space. The cabinet with mirrored doors, recessed lighting. The hexagon is also highlighted here – it’s light but also there are LED’s all over – behind the curtains, behind the cabinet. Next we find ourselves in the bedroom,if it can be called that. Nonetheless we have a bed here, a big, round one. There’s a pole for dancing. There’s a wonderful pillow, on the ceiling there are illuminated curtains and they give soft lighting. This orange chair, made to look like silk, complements the lamp. The floor here is the same as in the main area. Here we have onyx and along the sides the same glass that gives the illusion of space inside of it. Chaotically cut wood, laid out in hexagon style and using hexagons unites the informational seam, made especially in this unusual form. Along the edges, near the end, in order to make the juncture more interesting and attractive, we also used backlighting with the stones, giving it the ocean theme. At the head of the bed all of the mirrors are reversible, opening up to a bar. Here special things can be kept, and of course, all the mirrors can be turned over to show the fabric side. They are upholstered with the same fabric as the bed. To the left of the bed is a jacuzzi, which is nice and where you can have a good time. Behind the jacuzzi is a water feature. The water flows down and lit by specially positioned lights. This is the second room to feature the illuminated wave. Here we see that it begins here, goes through the whole room, here there are some petals and then it goes into the bathroom and ends near the mirror. Around the mirror, to the left and right, we see where it’s completed and in the mirror we see its continuation, as if into eternity. Here we have the shower. It also has a mirror and lighting. And here the client asked for a sauna. From the jacuzzi in the bedroom we can go either to the bathroom or through the walk-in closet and come out at the main portion, leaving the personal section behind. Here’s a large aquarium with fish, but the most interesting thing is what’s behind it. Behind it we have the bathroom. While in the bathroom you can follow the events, like what kind of party is going on the main section. There is a two-way mirror in place so that you can’t see what’s going on in the bathroom. Since we have not only a nautical theme but also a space theme, we’re creating a future world. So we decided to add these stenciled symbols, weird signs as if from the future, from space. This is special glass tile, imitating the hexagon. But it’s own, special shape and slightly raised. Backlighting is a must, the ceiling, these interesting light fixtures in the shape of pears or jelly fish. And the faucet is in the same shape. It comes from the ceiling to the sink. It’s totally easy to use and is interesting. Everything here has been created to surprise. A huge segmented mirror, the shower, and from the shower you can see through the aquarium and check the party out. The project design took us about three months. The client came to us and asked for something unusual. We proposed standard ideas but the client asked us to do something even more unusual. See, it’s because he already has a standard, classic home and the main goal was to come up with a space that surprised guests but was also pleasant for him to spend time. We took the challenge and made it happen. Next was the construction. The blueprints were put together and reviewed and it took about a year and a half to turn bare walls into this. I really enjoy meeting and talking with people like this, People that are interesting and aren’t afraid to experiment, and who put their heart into the designer’s ideas and allow that vision to be realized So, if you have interesting and creative ideas, if you have friends with projects like this we will gladly and with pleasure help you reach your dream and make it a reality. This has been Stanislav Orekhov, thank you for your time, bye.

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