FXL LX Lighting Transformer Product Guide

FXL LX Lighting Transformer Product Guide

Hi I’m James Helms the Product Manager for Fx Luminare at Hunter Industries and Today I’d like to Introduce you to the Lx transformer the Lx Transformer brings Landscape Lighting, into the digital age the Lx Is the industry’s First Fully Digital lighting Control transformer Which Makes it Clean Concise and Easy to use The Lx is Available in 150 and 300 Watt Models and it’s complete with a load draw Display Showing Real Time Watt Usage and an Easy-To-Read Backlit Display I’m going to go Over The basic Programming of the Lx Transformer Setting The Transformer Time Setting me on off Time Enabling Photocell Function Which Monitors Sunlight To Initiate and deactivate the lights Automatically Using manual Mode to activate the lights Temporarily as, well as go inside the Lx to understand its Connections Now we’ll Show you the steps to Program the Lx transformer to Make all of your settings you’re Going to be using this Section right here This is all of your Functions Displays Which are Illuminated With an Led That scrolls Downwards To Move about this menu use the orange Menu Button on The Right-Hand Side There’s an Up/down and A select Button to Make Small Functions So let’s start With the set Time this is the Internal Time of the Clock at the orange Button to move Down to set Time Set your a.m. P.m. 24-Hour hit Select to Initiate set your Hours Set Minutes and Finish by setting Select, One More Time the Unit will Automatically go back to the Automatic Mode Now let’s set the on Time hit the menu Button twice to get to on Time Select your Hours Minutes And hit Select One More Time to lock in the Program now let’s set the off Time using the orange Button again Illuminate The off Time With the Menu Button Move About the Hours Using selects To Initiate each Section and when you’re Finished hit Select one More Time to Initiate Now, we’re Going to review the Photocell Function of the Lx transform the Photocell Can Be used in Conjunction with Timing so if you Wanted your lights to turn on when it Gets Dark Outside but Turn Off at Midnight We’re Going to review how to do that to Utilize the Photocell Function on the Lx transformer You Can use the on or the off Time to Initiate Or deactivate the lights Let’s Use an Example of lights Coming on when it Gets Dark Outside but, We want them to turn off When it’s Midnight Scroll to the on Time Move until you illuminate Dusk on the Lcd Select to Initiate then Move to off Time and Select 12 a.m Initiate One More Time With the select Button Now the Photocell Is used to turn the lights on when it’s Dark and Off when IS 12 Midnight Now, we’re Going to review manual Mode on the Lx transformer manual Mode Is used to add additional Time on Top of your Automatic Program When the manual Mode Timing Is complete it will revert Back to your Automatic Mode in your Daily Scheduled Cycle Now Let’s Take a look at. How to do that To select manual Mode Press the menu Button to illuminate the Manual Section select Hours Select Minutes and as Soon as you press select manual Mode will Initiate Now that we’ve Gone over all the programming Functions of the Lx transformer We need to take a closer look at the wiring The Wiring Takes Place Behind The Face Pack Let me Show You Where that Is On the right Hand side you can See A Common 12 13 And 14 volt Tap on the far Left Hand side you can See an external Port as Well as to the right of it a low-Voltage Photocell Hookup on the Bottom of the case Is an inch and a quarter Conduit dockout so that’s the Lx Transformer Clean Easy to Use and all in One Package for more Information go to FXL.com

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  1. I have a Gen 2 transformer that was installed 4/1/2017. I've programmed all on/off zones A-F to use the dusk/dawn settings. However, when I set the system time, the day setting always shows Sa, meaning Saturday. Using the UP/DOWN buttons does not change the Sa day setting. Is this a faulty unit or is there something I'm missing? How do I set the current day when setting the unit's system time? The model in this tutorial doesn't show or doesn't have the corresponding functionality as the Gen 2 model.

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