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  1. You could put lil hangers on bk then paint lil foods on them, like soup, beans, peas, corn, etc. I love that picture, it's gorgeous!! I still remember my good teachers that I loved. I also drove a school bus with special needs and I understand the love and excitement for your lil students. I love the fact that the picture shows a lil African American boy and alil Caucasian boy working together! It just shows the kids that they're color doesn't matter. My best friend in first grade was a lil blk girl and I just loved her, we played dollies on my front porch or her grandma's porch because, her Granny lived closer to me. We still stay in touch, and we're 61yrs old. And one of my favorite teachers and I are friends on Facebook. I'm like you I'm getting carried away, lol

  2. Take off the bows and just as you said wreath, I thought of it at the same time!! Lol. I used to work at Fort Boonesbourgh in Madison county, Ky. I made some of those brooms. I may have made that one lol!!

  3. I've spent almost all my free time the last few days going through and watching all your garage sale hauls lol. I feel like I can really relate to you because we're close to the same age when it comes to nostalgia things and I'm also a teacher.


  5. "Silver bells" would look great on the front door.
    The three wooden spoons that look brand new would be great to add to a giant mason jar, filled with a cookie recipe. In #46 video, the flowers are a flower called a "Crocus" which is a miniature tulip.

  6. Love the teacher art print that the retired teacher was so very passionate to have it in your classroom. As a public school teacher in Texas who recently retired. I love seeing your love for children and education. Kudos to you. Nora in Texas

  7. you should have gotten the dishes with the gold trim, it had the serving plates which are unusual to find in one place. they are also collectable pieces from the 40's!!! I literally wanted to shake you to your senses when you walked away from those… their resale price is about 1,500 or more depending on where you go. I would have gotten those and shouted "HALLELUJAH" all the way out the door. My family collect all of the old classics, that's how I know. Get a little more knowledgeable about the GOLD MINES you come across. You can resell them and get a lot more things for yourself and the school kids… think about it. God Bless

  8. hey Kieran
    you got some great finds! Love those place mats! So nice that you found items to share with your class! TFS

  9. I was just looking at beaded chargers just like those on Wayfair and they were $150!! You got a great deal! πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for the Simplicity shoutout! I had no idea they had a channel, but am about to spend hours scouring their archives. πŸ™‚

  11. Hey girl! I've been a long time fan and this channel has definitely given me inspiration over time
    I just started creating videos and only have one so far but if you could please check it out I'd really appreciate it!
    I want to be a home decor/DIY channel on a budget and you're just one of my big inspirations

  12. You and my cousin would get along. She works with a nonprofit for kids that are from different ethnicities and she is also in charge of a school district in our area that is one of the hardest and poverty stricken areas and she has already done so much for the schools in the area. I am also a teacher and I love what you are doing. When I saw the picture I started crying before you even said anything because I know how passionate you are about your students and teaching. Way to go girl! By the way with the big christmas lights, which I love and I had them as a kid, I would either paint them white and gold or put gold or red or green or white glitter. just an idea. the spoons I would paint them and put a Christmas saying like Tis the Season and give them as gifts.

  13. You could place a cookie mix or brownie mix and a oven mitt wrap in a ribbon and viola you have a small gift!

  14. I sprung a tear when you talked about the picture and your students. My heart grew a little today. Thanks!

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