Gas Stove Ignitor and Burner Not Lighting

Gas Stove Ignitor and Burner Not Lighting

If you have a gas stove that is not igniting,
before you call a repair man, take a look at a real simple thing. You’re going to want to check where the gas
enters the ignitor. This little white hub right here si the ignitor. It’s got a little electrode on the end that
sparks. You’ll hear it click when you start it up. Now what happens, is that the gas enters the
burner and floods it. And then right here, there’s a little whole
on the end of this that’s a little bit larger than the others. In most cases, it gets caught up with a bunch
of food that gunks it up and the gas doesn’t flow through to the ignitor, so it can’t spark. I don’t know if you can see that. You can certainly hear it clicking, and this
one is sparking. So if that happens, take a paperclip and clear
out any burned on food. Clean it out. Put it back together and light it up.

100 thoughts on “Gas Stove Ignitor and Burner Not Lighting

  1. I thought my ignitor was bad but a paper clip did the trick in 10 seconds ! You saved me $, time, and frustration. Many thanks ! !

  2. today I decided to clean my general electric stove top, I used a sponge with soapy water just enough moisture to wipe of food, after a minute of cleaning around the knobs I started to get a clicking sound from the ignitors, and it 's been doing it non stop, what is happening with my ignitors and why won't they stop clicking?? you can see the spark shooting around the burners, ???

  3. Great tips, I didn't have burnt food had some cooking oil sitting inside the burner area that kept the ignitor from firing properly. Thanks a billion for this video and for all of your help, we appreciate you.

  4. I have rather old Gas range (Make: Beach Foundry, Ottawa, Canada). It stopped igniting and now a match/lighter is needed. I do not see any igniter head like shown in your video. Was there another kind of ignition system in these old models ?? When I turn the knob, the gas flows but no spark on any of the burners. Pls. help me.

  5. I accidentally spilled a large pot of water on my gas stove stop. I hear clicking but it will not ignite. I watched the above clip but the module does not have a hole in it to clean out. What can I do?

  6. There is clicking on all four burners, but not of them light. This is a Kenmore Gas Range, approximately 10 years old.

  7. You need to replace the small surface igniter. It's a simple and less expensive part to purchase yourself at an appliance parts store and install yourself. The igniter is right where you are sticking the match/lighter to light it.
    Good Luck!

  8. When I light the center jet with a match, the flame begins low and then goes to high, takes a long time. So now I realize it's a gas problem. What could it be?

  9. The flame is low and than accelerates to high, then maintains.rhe flame –again, have to light it with a match –I have an appt with Sears for next Monday – I hope to fix it myself before then.

  10. Lit the stove tonight with a match, barely a flame, kept going out. After a while stayed lit, then the flame grew and maintained. – Please somebody help – I think it's the gas regulator, but where is it located????

  11. I have had one burner that hasn't worked for almost a year. Afraid to add more maintenance expenses to my landlord, I tried the paperclip trick and it worked!! Thank you!

  12. Like Kristin -been ignoring ignitor for almost 2 years! Paper clip trick WORKED!! Thank you very much for giving your time and information to us on youtube. I am very appreciative.

  13. This worked for me as well!  I was worried I'd have to call a repairman.  He probably would have wanted me to replace something expensive.  Thanks Mike.

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thought my stove was about to be a goner. I followed your instructions, and they fixed it right up.


  15. I have the two burners on the right lighting, but the two on the left are not. The front left ignitor is loose. Any suggestions?

  16. My problem was the top of the ignitor was dirty or corroded. Using a very fine flat needle file and only 2 rubs I cleaned the electrode and  now it is working working fine. 🙂

  17. i found that using one of those tiny bristled tooth picks (meant for cleaning between your teeth) worked great for cleaning a hard to reach ingnitor.

  18. Seems like I'm looking and looking and looking and still not finding anyone to cover my issue, None of the 4 burners click at all. 

  19. This is my first ever comment on a YouTube how to, but your video was so simple and fixed a burner that wouldn't light for me for (I'm ashamed to admit) four years. I don't know why I waited so long to look into fixing this, but thank you so much!

  20. Ge Gas stove.  Two left burners click, gas, no flame.  Two right burners click, ignite, flame.  Two on left light with a match.  What gives?

  21. Thanks … I was cleaning the range top and afterwords the electrode did not spark.  It wasn't a clogged opening but a thin layer of grease (not visible) that had coated the electrode. A quick, light brushing with a damp toothbrush and all was well. It's often something simple ….    

  22. Thanks for the tip! I tried it and got the burner going. Just once. But then when I immediately tried a second time it was not working again. What to check next?

  23.  Right front burner only…igniter works, burner ring and cap are new and clean.  Still won't ignite and I'm not smelling gas.  Any suggestions?

  24. Hi there, the igniter sparks and lights the stove and stays lit as long as I hold the knob down.  As soon as I release the knob it dies, is this problem then within the know and if so what do I do to fix?  Thanks

  25. thanks; while not quite the problem with mine it got me looking in the right place. On my aluminum unit there was a tiny slot in the grove on the top side and a tiny hole at a right angle on the ignitor side.  Soaked that part in Greased Lightning (awesome cleaner for grease btw). overnight, rinsed and dried.  Voilà working stove top and happy wife. : ) 

  26. I have a question how do I fix my stove if it's not turning the stove works but one of my knobes,won't turn it's not strip it's more like stuck won't turn

  27. you just saved my butt!! I washed the stove top exactly one year after purchase so no warrantee. the sponge dropped crud in there and the back end of a matchstick was all it took to clear it. thanx!

  28. We just got a GE gas one with the eletric digital oven but we can't use the oven but the stove top won't turn on and it was installed properly to. We called for a replacement but we won't get it until January 16th. I am so upset that we couldn't ignite the stove top. We don't hear a clicking sound either.

  29. You Rock my friend! Great explanation and immediate solution! If only other life was this easy. Thanks

  30. this was great. immediately fixed. i took sharp scissors, dug around in the tiny little hole in the heavy ridged silver piece where the gas flows through, a bunch of clogged black debris fell out. i popped it back on the burner and it immediately lit up. thanks!

  31. how about showing us instead of talking and yapping!!! this video did not help at all. I hardly see what the hell you are pointing at. useless!!

  32. 3 of 4 burners not working, but if i put a match and light it up next to each burner, they light up fine. what do i need to replace?

  33. Thanks!…after watching a dozen videos and messing with taking the stove apart, messing with orifices, igniters, etc. this video was the only one that showed me what was going on! Appreciate ya!

  34. My stove top's all 4 ignitors are working but the middle one won't ignite, there is no spark coming out of the white ignitor, if i use a lighter it works. what should i do to fix it?

  35. Thank u. Not exactly the problem I was facing. But this video helped me learn how it works, and I was able to fix my problem.

  36. I have been researching this problem for an hour. your solution is the best presented and allowed me to get all 5 burners working again. Excellent presentation.

  37. Tried this tonight and it didn't work. I cleared the hole and can see light through it, but the igniter keeps clicking and the burner doesn't light even using a match. Another problem or is gas not getting to the burner?

  38. Thank you so much for this. It worked. I was looking at buying a new igniter before I saw this. You are a star.

  39. Hi have a great profile stove and the right front extra large burner will light right up then pops and goes out will not stay
    Lite have checked the water colum and set it at 13 inches and all of the stove burners ant the oven are working fine just the extra large burner won't work right have cleaned the burner even to replacing the orifice with no resolve to the problem.

  40. what about if it makes the sound when you turn on the stove but the clicking sound it usually makes sound very low this time..and it doesn't light i use a lighter..the sound use to be hard but i jus went to slp woke up the next day turn on the stove as per usual now the sound is low.. i have been hearing what sounds like probably a rat in the stove what could it have done? is this fixable

  41. It had a really thick power cord and while this might seem silly to some people, for those of us who live in areas where we battle mice on regular basis this is important.>>> If you have never lost an appliance of any kind due to a hungry mouse chewing through the cord you are indeed a blessed person. This microwave oven works great and looks good, doesn't take up much space either – exactly what I needed.

  42. Sir; you are a genius! After days of having to light my burner with a match, I used your trick and cleaned out some debris around the burner, put the cover back on, turned on the nob and voilà, it lit all on its own. I owe you a debt of gratitude. Merci beaucoup!

  43. YES this helped me soo much I was getting frustrated lol. We moved into a new house recently and the stove was being weird this fixed the problem

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