6 thoughts on “Geoffrey Bawa – The most influential Sri Lankan architect of his generation

  1. Great Memories in visiting his house in Lunuganga! True, the hotel Tritons has the eternity blue waters view! Such a fan of his architectural brilliance!

  2. that is true. the hotel he made " Kandalama" is wonderful. At the moment in sri lanka there is till good architect firms one of most reputed ons are DG5 DCI and MKA http://mkaso.com

  3. I had a chance to visit his homes Lunuganga and Colombo earlier this year.  Both places were purely magical and it is so wonderful that his estate continues to preserve his legacy and open it to the public.  Must see for architect lovers!

  4. I'm a Sri Lankan, I should say he was the guy who bought back the Sri Lanka's own identity in architecture and Landscape design. Anyone who knows his work would respect him,

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