Getting hot [pink] in the living room – Thank God I Hired a Designer Video

Getting hot [pink] in the living room – Thank God I Hired a Designer Video

REBECCA: Right now, we are in a
2,600 square foot apartment with a very open living room,
and dining room, and kitchen. When we first moved in,
it was a disaster. The couple that had lived here
before had very different taste than we did. My name’s Rebecca. Thank God I hired a designer. So I knew that I needed
a decorator. And I had read about Fawn Galli
in “Domino” magazine in a story on ten decorators to
watch in the New Year. FAWN GALLI: This space was one
of the worst spaces I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. It was full of old wood
furniture, burgundy colors, dark leathers. And it just felt heavy, and
old, and depressing. REBECCA: I knew that we wanted
a space that was comfortable for a family with
two small kids. But I didn’t want the children
to dominate the space. FAWN GALLI: I always try and
make them go a little bit further than they would
normally do. And I think that that’s what
they’re hiring me to do. REBECCA: Originally, I was
not that into the hot pink thing at all. FAWN GALLI: I think she was
unsure about the hot pink. I convinced her to put it
in her living room and incorporate it into
her interior. REBECCA: Within like, one
meeting with Fawn, she had convinced me. She said that they love pink and
they use it all the time. FAWN GALLI: Hot pink has this
kind of, it can be preppy, but then it can be kind
of sexy and fun. That’s hot pink and fuchsia. It’s not like a girly pink. It can be like, an urban
living room. REBECCA: We like to entertain. Specifically, have families
over for brunch. So we needed a place that we
could host people and did not feel overrun with toys
and high chairs. FAWN GALLI: I mean, this is
basically the public space to have all of their needs and
reflect all of their personalities. REBECCA: My husband found the
table at an environmentally friendly furniture store. He convinced all of us it
was his idea, the table. And I think it’s great. And we get lots of compliments
on it. FAWN GALLI: The brown
sofas were really meant as a backdrop. I try and balance the dark
and the light [INAUDIBLE] obviously, and the brown carpet
in order to pull some of the light out of the room. These are all vintage
chairs from eBay. These chairs. And they reupholstered them. The light was selected to
have a modern feeling to it and set the tone. This is a modern family. REBECCA: Cool Concepts is
also in our building. And they basically designed
these bookshelves. We gave them the measurements,
and they laid them out on the computer. FAWN GALLI: I don’t think
that I have better taste than other people. It’s just I’ve been doing it
for so many years, so I’ve learned from my mistakes. I think it’s important to have
an interior that makes sense, that tells a story. Especially in urban
living, where it’s so crazy and frenetic. If you can come into your home
and feel like, it’s kind of soothing if it all
makes sense. REBECCA: I had so many pages
pulled from magazines of different inspirations
for the apartment. Paint colors, fabrics,
couches I liked. But I had no idea how to
pull it all together. Thank God I hired a designer. TRACY METRO: Are you a
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29 thoughts on “Getting hot [pink] in the living room – Thank God I Hired a Designer Video

  1. I love hot pink. I'd do Pepto Bismol pink all over if I hadn't seen so many design show urging restraint with accent colors. The penguin-printed ottomans were a quirky treat for the eyes. I'd love to see seal or sea lion prints from that fabric company as that's what I love to collect in home decor.

  2. As a man I love a touch of pink. I live in a 200+ year old home that has a lovely hot pink ceiling in my bath thanks to you guys.

  3. Clearly hot pink is not just for little girls' rooms anymore. Pink is very versatile; it can be relaxing as well as exciting. I actually like the color in the living room being used as an accent color; especially using the furniture pieces/accessories. It’s not overpowering the room; it’s definitely a great conversational topic.

  4. I really like what the designer did with the splashes of colour and airy feel and what not. And those penguin ottomans, oh my god, I need those!! So cute. However, is the homeowner on death-row or something? She could due to smile more. . .I mean, she just got her whole house redone and it's beautiful. Let's see some teeth, geez.

  5. Yeah, dark wood and leather have a certain appeal. though you have to balance them with lighter colors and even a little stainless and chrome. I've also read that dark brown and purple are "in" in certain quarters.

  6. theres is schooling but you can also just open up shop if you think you have the talent… what it really takes is a keen eye and clients

  7. Wow, never seen a better example of the Locust Valley Lockjaw than on those two. And as an added bonus, Snarlingly Judgmental. Really? "A disaster" is Hoarding or a Hurricane in your living room dark wood

  8. This designer extremely pretentious… its kinda like she thinks she is too to good for Spaces TV… girl please… you should be happy another medium picked you up.

  9. the homeowner's eyes look like that twilight girl. a bit….dead? i assume she's a bit busy with her children, they can be very tiring.

  10. I don't think it looked bad before. The issue was that it didn't give a lot of light and the style didn't fit the new owners. I highly doubt its the worst place she's ever seen – unless she calls old world charm the worst thing ever? People could do with a bit more care and old-fashioned in their life. She did a good job modernizing it for the homeowner. 

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