100 thoughts on “Getting Labiaplasty Surgery for a Designer Vagina

  1. 68k for that like what the fuck seriously just be happy with what God gave you and and maybe put that money into savings for a rainy day or spend it on something kool like a car at least I know if I had 70 thousand to just waste I'd be buying like a ton of stuff I never could and paying off my bank loan and probably be left with 35k to put in savings. I hate people

  2. Im confident and powerful 😊 im gonna fight passed the judgement by cutting off the things they say are ugly on me 😁🙏 because i have lots of confidence as I said earlier…I'm not insecure…at all…

    I can feel the thotness through this video bruh

    Niggas really scared about cutting off flaps 🤣🤦🏽‍

  3. People are still getting one fact completely backwards(even though people went to school and learned about the human body), which honestly completely bugs the hell out of me that people keep on calling the female anatomy parts the wrong names. The clitoris is the sexual organ that's outside the body, not the vagina, which is inside and is connected to the uterus. Get an accurate education about the human body and keep your facts in check. If not, you'll probably never know your body as well as you think you do.

  4. F'kin women are goddam crazy!

    you know whats next right, now they gonna go bleach their anuses, cos its got hair the same darker coloring as their head.

    Craziness, sheer craziness… But would still appreciated detailed hi-res vids please…

  5. I dont get all the hate. 14:08 – she had quite a bit taken out. Like someone else mentioned, there are legitimate reasons for wanting this surgery (much like breast reductions for back pain)

  6. 😳Pussy?! 😳Fucking?! Very poor choice of language, with Doctors especially clearly shows a lack of respect and of class towards others and of herself!!!! Hence the doctors not responding or replying to her choice of words! Nasty girls! 🤬

  7. External beauty will fade threw time no matter how much work you have done,,,,,,inner beauty is more important these surgeon,s are making a fortune of all you poor soul,s

  8. Surgery to make women's vagina more attractive exists but not the same for men. Not only that, but men are not ONLY stuck with an unattractive penis, but sometimes a small one.
    Double standards

  9. And there will be times 2 and 3 follow she will undergo surgery on her vagina, just like Botox injections in her face, which may be normal for her face and vagina , I absolutely sure !!!

  10. Like… I'm so vain, and I just have to have a perfect pussy, because I'm like… going to show that bitch off to every one on my Instagram. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! What she really needs is a reality check and some confidence!

  11. As for the masturbating toy freak, if she got some "real dick" and stop toying with her pussy, it probably would not be so stretched out!

  12. Whats wrong with first pseudo model voice? She squeek or purring speaking :/ She should correct voice string and face and massive nose as she looks swollen :/

  13. What!!! I love eating pussy and these girls are getting rid of some of the best parts.. that libia hang. Its a standout feature and a good one. I'm a guy that loves to eat pussy… I have no shame at all, some guys are fucking weird.

  14. For gosh sakes I hate instagram makeup and everything that has to do with instagram culture for women. They’re all fooled into believing they’re some higher being, EVEN IF THEY PAID TO HAVE SURGERY WITH PHOTOSHOP MAKING IT 100% FAKE, but no one cares right?

    I think this whole instagram “modeling” lifestyle is just a barrage of shallow-minded bull crap. It’s all tied to just flaunting and putting yourself on this mighty pedestal. I find everything about instagram makeup gross, ridiculous, it makes you look much older than you really are, the makeup structure gives you this negative angry appearance (IMO), and it just takes away from your actual appearance if you haven’t gotten lip injections because giant monkey lips are the way to go. I don’t mean to hurt anyones feelings here, but her age is 19 and she looks 30 years old because of the makeup and maybe other decisions. The excessive tanning doesn’t help either. Tanning specifically means to DAMAGE your skin which could also lead to skin cancer, but who cares right?

    Social media platforms like instagram do nothing but create morbidly conceited trash personalities out of young women.

    I’m not saying this girl in particular has a bad personality, but I don’t look for anyone who’s consumed with a standardized instagram lifestyle. A life dedicated to flaunting yourself, attention seeking, measuring yourself through likes/followers, and being on the iphone 24/7.

    I believe that girls who have worried about their appearance long before social media are now like this girl here. I also believe that there are girls who never had a problem with their appearance until they got mixed in with social media, especially with instagram basically being just a platform where you’ll find millions if young women glorifying themselves and each-other. The girl in this video states that she’s “perfect” without having the slightest idea that “beauty” is very subjective and that not everyone likes the same thing, which is another thing that I can’t stand about social media. It convinces younger women like her that you are at your peak with your looks, posts, attention, and that the instagram-way is the best way.

    Honestly, this generation of women are in such a terrible position now. So many of them are susceptible to living or getting mixed in with this miserable routine of wanting the most useless and worthless things imaginable.

    Praising and envying people like the kardashians for example.

  15. Imagine being so top-notch attractive that this is your only body issue. (Not saying that’s the case for these ladies, but I did get that vibe from the model.)

  16. Body image is such an issue nowadays like people get depressed over it as as a guy labia are attractive to me fuck all this fake shit

  17. The blonde girl and her mother have the most fucked up relationship. It's obvious why she's messed up. And her mother allowed her to get molested as a child. It was painfully obvious her mother hates her.

  18. They are both so lucky nothing went wrong. Imagine how this video would have looked had it failed? I could never do that to my "V" some things just seem over the top crazy and this to me is one of them. Glad it went well for them .. yikes

  19. I couldn't get through the entire video. A 19(?) year old from Beverly Hills sitting poolside with her bestie tying to have a serious chat about vaginas is as far as I could get.

  20. 19 year old.. already blessed with good looks.. sure.. a big pus*y.. 68 thousand dollars.. just later on to become a trophy wife or some real housewives of California bullshit… WOMEN.. WE DONT CARE HOW YOUR PUSSY LOOKS.. to someone who is really in love with you.. all this won't even matter.. sure if you have multiple partners that may be the case, who am i to say, i can just speak for myself.. but you are perfect just the way you are.. self-empowerment /self-confidence is good.. but seriously.. it doesnt matter.. most men are just happy to BE in a vagaina.. let alone judge the way it looks.. its all the fuckboys n douchebags that will make you feel that way.. a true gentleman would never let such things affect the relationship in any way

  21. Dam it took me 10 minutes to find this girl on Instagram, she's a model alright just not very successful 😂 this is the most attention she's going to ever get

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