1. I love how this is not a prank, but with a very nice intention with the best interest of each other’s, I loved the video!

  2. 24:40
    If you look at Grayson's computer, it says "dooler's MacBook Pro"

    Ummmm who is dooler??😂

  3. Quick tip for E:
    Upon finding for the stud on Gray's ceiling, you can make use of your knuckles and do knocking motion til you hear a solid sound different from those empty parts of the ceiling. Hope it helps to those who will be reading this in the future.

  4. This is probably the only vid I’ve ever seen where they’re cursing at each other in a good way. 🥰🥰🥰

  5. Grayson: “ITS BULIDING TIME!!!” drops tape measure …. silence*… “sh*t” *quietly IM DYING😂

  6. I know I’m really late, but one of you guys should do a 24 hr challenge of staying in you’re twins room overnight!!!

  7. 20:58 ethan- I have eyes I will notice everything
    21:22 Ethan- wait did you paint the wall

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