GOING INSIDE THIS GUY’S MOUTH – Self Portrait (Interior)

GOING INSIDE THIS GUY’S MOUTH – Self Portrait (Interior)

*Strange moaning* As you guys can already tell, this is gonna be a bit of a messed up video. Okay…? Okay. Hello everyone! And welcome to self portrait (Interior). This was some sort of commissioned… thing. From an artist. For some sort of… whatever. I don’t know. There was a description on it okay? I just… I saw a dead guy. He’s not actually dead because watch this. (“I can see you.”) Son of a bitch… You creepy son of a bitch So this is also a VR experience guys but in terms of watching a video. I find it’s better to not watch some one else do VR It’s better to just do it normally. It’s much easier to record. And it’s probably a little bit less creepy when you’re not actually experiencing it in virtual reality. I’m going in your mouth bro. (“Enter my mouth.”) Uh… I’m doing that already so don’t worry about it okay. Can we get this mouse cursor off the screen? There we go. Now we’re good. Alright so we’re gonna go inside this guys mouth. Have a look at his teeth What about…? Your teeth? What?… Huh? Can you stop with the moaning? Who’s moaning? Somebody is moaning and I don’t like it. Uh… Yeah your teeth they’re looking pretty good. Uh…Oh. …okay.. So I’ve uh. I have transcended into the… esophagus maybe. I- I think I- *Strange moaning* What? Don’t talk to me dude.
(“You came.”) I did come. I came for you buddy. *sounds of Matt’s discomfort* What an experience.
(“I can feel you walking in there.”) Do yoooouu…? Oh good. Are you having some digestive issues sir? (“There’s two paths.”) Not really… There’s not really two paths. It’s- You know one doesn’t really go any where. Unless you mean over here. (“Yes you picked the left side.”) There’s nothing on the left side. It’s just… water. (“Don’t go there.”) Oh okay. Alright. Sorry. *Strange noise* Ho! this game is fantastic so far guys. I hope you’re having as good of a time as I am… W- With – with this thing Umm… *Lip smack* What is that? What is…? Is that a hotdog? Hey hotdog! Get out of there you hotdog! (“The right side.”) Yeah because the right side is the only way you can actually get anywhere… Okay? Can you tell that hot- (“I sense something.”) C- Can you tell the hot dog to… stop? I don’t- No hotdog! Don’t, don’t (slap), don’t touch me (slap). Eeeeeeheeeeeeh…? …eeeeeOkay. Alright. This is ff- (“Too many paths to follow.”) Golden poop! I gotta get the golden poop. Okay? Just don’t talk to me for a minute. (“Maybe you should have gone the other way.”) What? No. No they all go to the same place.
(“You are surrounded by me.”) *Crunch* Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… (“Finally!”) *strange noise* (“You made it!”) That was some good golden poop. Now what? I’m gonna keep going. (*Blowing in the mic*) Hey. Dude. Pft- Move away from the mic. (“Now leave!”)
Now leave? I’m not done. I’m not done yet. (“Maybe you shouldn’t go there.”) I’m gonna go here. Buddyyyyyyy. (“You really believe…”) Oh… (“…In free will don’t you?”) hold on… Oh! wait! wait! something is happening… I’m moving. (“Seems like you have fallen into a trap.”) Oh. (“You’re sinking like a stone.”)
Am I? (“Just let it go.”) Oh. ♫Let it gooo!….♫
(“It’s just a game isn’t it?”)
♫Let it gooo!….♫ *high pitched tone* *hitting sounds* I’m uncomfortable with this! I’m really uncomfortable with this. Stop it. You turds. You pieces of shit. You’re literally pieces of shit and you’re hitting me with batons. *tone raises pitch* Stop that right now. Hey you over there. why aren’t you hitting me get the fuck over here. If you’re gonna hit me do it. Okay? *pitch continues to raise* Oh shit. The sun is coming look out. Look out. The sun is- We’re in the sun now. Umm… Uh… Oh. I’m glad that’s over. (“I can see you.”)
Oh good. Oh that’s great to hear. That’s great to hear giant creepy man. Oh thank you for this experience I’m gonna go check out your rear end if you don’t mind. Okay? Can we get some uh… Enter the Anus DLC? I think that’d be good. I think that’s what this game needs. For sure. Definitely some- some anus… DLC. Uh. Yeah. Lets just climb up the guy Oh! Hey! There’s actually something out here. Oooh boy! What could it be? Where am I going? Probably no where. (“You’re so tiny.”) Hey stop it you don’t tell me… don’t- don’t- don’t- don’t you disrespect me, okay? Just because I’m a manlet doesn’t mean you get to say that to me
(“Stop that it tingles!”) What? Oh it tingles does it? Oh I’m sorry-I’m going in your ear buddy I’m going right in your ear canna- IM GONNA WHISPER SWEET NOTHINGS IN YOUR EAR! Mmmmm… Hehehehe…hehe…he…hehe What the fuck am I doing? Ummm… So your ear is having a little bit of a- an over growth problem. Sorr- sorry uh… about-
(“Why am I so white?”) Why are you so white? I don’t know Jesus Christ I guess you’re of Europeanian- European decent maybe? Yeah…? I think this is it guys. Okay? This is uh… Heh…This is the whole game. I might go back in. I’m gonna back in one more time okay? Maybe I missed something you never know. Ladies and gentlemen! Here on the MattShea channel we’re all about only the greatest… …most meaningful games in existence. Okay? So if ya like what ya see today and ya haven’t already subscribed hit that subscribed button down below. For more videos of me getting beat up by some shit. Eh? “~”THANKS WOR WATCHIN”~” *more high pitched tone* *shuffling sounds*

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  1. Game : I CAN SEE U……..
    Person playing : this game is doo doo I'm literally inside your mouth
    Game : chill out its just a game…..yah know!
    Person playing : bruh… THATS IT IM LEAVING!

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  4. MattShea looks the exact same in all his videos also from since years ago so I can never tell when he made the video without looking at the date

  5. Creepy I'll find and I'll kill you😖😖😱🕵️‍♂️🔪🔪🔪 and it's why i went to prison for killing a person i spent 200000 years in prison

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