Going to move next month  into 2 bedrooms apartments

Going to move next month into 2 bedrooms apartments

hi everyone
okay I start my streaming again you add they took a break from streaming but I
want to share that I will not move in but moving I shown that I’m moving in able it next next month are moving you
are moving in able in to 2 bedrooms apartment two bedrooms
apartment I’m moving in two bedroom apartment and able next month you I start I started
packing my stuff you are getting ready for moving in Abel
I don’t know when in a movie next month a movie next month of over by the club
house from mine completes a moving mine complex a living now in my for
2 bedroom apartment feel that be van you’re unhappy moving in next month I
don’t I don’t have to wait I don’t have next mark you don’t we’ll be fun and my
mum will my mum and now we’ll go into pay 100 a $100 deposit for moving
two-bedroom apartment done okay and yes yeah I will my mum will tell my friend
my friend will be very happy we moving in the bedroom apartment we moving
upstairs we moving upstairs and upstairs so we moving up upstairs my building
apartment have elevators elevator you don’t have to climb the stairs game up
failure elevator show I can do my laundry from
upstairs very very close you have to have the mantra and we going
upstairs bigger already will be there already
will be you I will start packing everything up now so a book you how I still present begin play on my other
channel if you want a cure they debate but not all the gameplay because back I
start back meleager’s to making in boxes away d but I will jump Legos to making
here can make a gameplay of vegetable van and before my friend my friend and my friend came up yesterday and he have
a pl healthy shape PL heavy head Sevilla for PlayStation 4 it a physic year in
the movie theater it feels like physic twill thing you will end you with in the
games you feel like within the game you die
cool and now what by ADA and what do by BL you some days but not what now sure
but PL games will come will come on man game
John few I’m happy happy
move and a mere trifle – one bedroom in the two
bedrooms here and do pass ma’am when have his own bedroom and his own bath
warm and have my bedroom and bath room do walk ING and bath showers, here that is cool guys okay open house yeah yeah but we up
do but we have the weight after we moving
we will not so no better but maybe couple weeks to three weeks because we
need it everything get permit before we shut our permit you okay yeah you guys
have to wait for cute for not for joking make a beer
it’s very big okay your winner should be maybe couple weeks maybe two weeks but
garden by good thing good thing that my maybe bar maybe but those three months
after we moving we start filming everything we start going places like
we’re going at each and we going no candy bear mal or sandecker Q or what
animal part we going – undergo sure beats the GC my friend will come back
Monday and we play he spear against it BL the PlayStation for a coup it doesn’t
your fair no enjoy like the movie ring game but your I will get sleepy and
after 1 hour play yeah yeah okay well if you’re done it’s done me what I can that
okay it will be on youtube they think will be on YouTube okay um I can’t have
it my speech here nobody here what looks to me number you ambien well Adam nice
streaming funded I don’t kill people and I don’t give yeah we we will not shoot
any videos for the couple weeks because we need we need to take a break make
invaders and put everything away you you will not give me to him or make feeders couple weeks okay
you but after that I kept after the cap of maps then I will make more bidders
and my friend will make more filters to like we can eat every time we gonna eat
we in the mall maybe the movie theater but we not take the movie theater you
you will not see me movie theaters and we non-technology movie and the treaty you will see me over
there and my friend maybe dick periods – yeah we could yeah we’re going to we’re
going to eat and enter here the treaty with my mum my mum will my mum will pick
up the acoustic God – and a girl okay you double bond ok here ok well and not
gameplay now when a lady because young empower an impact and needed to pack
everything too much okay speak your guys that okay bye bye bye you

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