40 thoughts on “Golden orb weaver spiders: Architects of entrapment

  1. foolish text, ridiculously overdramatic narration, & stupid sound effects; after putting all this work into the video it comes off as a bad advertisement for a halloween haunted house.

  2. This video was really intruiging! I feel bad for the male spiders, having to mate with a female heaps bigger than you 😂

  3. Don't the dried corpses serve as a warning, like lined up severed heads? Wouldn't that detour prey?
    Imagine walking into that nest with those babies and all the bites! If their fangs are big enough?

  4. as soon as i heard that deep commentator voice and those soundeffects i stopped the video.
    i hate those artificially dramatic documentaries. if u wanna produce brainded action movies go for it! but dont disguise it as documentary:<
    …history channel all over again.

  5. I fucking hate this narrator and the script. Why can't they do a video that's informative but not goddamn fear propaganda. ughh

  6. this is just bad
    talking about "killing fields" adding eating sounds and special effects to make those poor spiders look dangerous

  7. Hate American nature shows. The voice overs are intense as if this was war and they always add retarded sound effects. Gtfo.

  8. What could have been a fine video of such a beautiful creature is ruined by the narrative. Shame on you for not showing respect in the narrative. I’m disgusted.

  9. Ahhhhh!! When I was kid I hold that spider and I'm not afraid and now I km w what is that making me goose bumps I can't sleepy there's so many out here!!

  10. Shows like this can make people who hate spiders hate them even more. These spiders are awesome and should be appreciated for there outstanding ability to construct intricate webs. Not there ability to leave there victims out to dry like some cold blooded killer

  11. im going to create a 10 foot 200 pound version then breed them and let them into the wild anyone want to help?

  12. 0:40 This is incorrect. There is a Hexathelidae fossil at least 205 million years old, and this family of spiders is still around.

  13. I thought most spiders also entomb their victims, have sensitive hairs and have neurotoxins.
    XD golden orb weaver spiders just sound like any other average web weaving spider. I do not understand why you make them sound so scary.

  14. like a commenter said right before me, these spiders are not blood thirsty organisms. Theyre actually quite gentle. Their long legs and massive bodies make it difficult for them to maneuver on solid ground without toppling over. You can handle them easily because theyre more preoccupied with finding their balance and exploring your hands (assuming you pick them up) than they are concerned with biting you. These spiders are gentle and prefer to hang out all day on their webs (which they are adapted to maneuvering about) waiting for their prey to come to them, not the other way around. I used to have one as a pet, i could easily coarse her off of her web and onto my hand and she would curiously walk over my arm. She was only ever aggressive WHILE on her web cause she thought my hand was prey.

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