Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses: Manhattan Home Design

Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses: Manhattan Home Design

Job growth in the United States at this time
is both a problem but it’s also an opportunity. We understand that a small business is very
often the engine of growing jobs. I think most small business owners have no idea that they are what really drives the US economy. When you get people with ideas and energy…
maybe some people helping them along the line, just think of what can be achieved. The concept here is that we would develop a model where small business people can be taught
the skills to develop their plans, to pursue capital, to test their ideas. This program pulls these elements together
in a relatively short period of time to really turbocharge the growth of a small business. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is really
designed with the particular profile of the small business owner in mind. I started actually Manhattan Home Design with
an idea of selling some stuff online. I remember actually was a $500 startup capital. When you operate your business, you are actually
multitasking, doing most of the things on your own and I think that’s one of the main
challenges: is really identifying where are the areas that you are doing best and delegating,
you know, the errands that somebody else should be doing. One of the main assets that are from the program
was actually the networking part, the human connections that we make. Having help from a mentor from Goldman Sachs,
we were able to close a $200,000 contract with the city of New York, you know it was
my first large contract. There’s really a nice feeling to be able to go up to
Times Square and sit down on one of my chairs. Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses initiative
is so important because small business is such a critical part of the economic might
of the nation And 10,000 small businesses rise on that river
this is who America is. Our guiding principle in this country is equality
of opportunity. 10,000 Small Businesses is a big part of that. I never feel better about the prospects of
the United States and the strength of our people, and our culture than when I come out
of a meeting where I hear a small business person describe her business opportunity,
her commitment, and when you see that, you begin to be very, very secure that the American
dream is secure for another generation. This program gave me the motivation to just want to fight again.

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  1. Bought a lounge chair from these guys and it was great. The Eames Lounge Chair replica from the original design by Charles and Ray Eames, to be more specific. Glad to learn about their history and work ethic.

  2. Small businesses really are the backbone of American economy. I didn't know MHD was a part of this program. Speaks to their quality as a company!

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