Goodwill Thrift Along With Me | Part 2 Looking For Vintage Home Decor!

43 thoughts on “Goodwill Thrift Along With Me | Part 2 Looking For Vintage Home Decor!

  1. I have many vintage nautical prints [sailing ships, light houses, seascapes] from the 1920's. Also romantic Venice scenes…very popular in the 20's.

  2. I liked the two pansy picture frames right after the bunny children!! $50 for that picture is crazy!! I was in one of our Goodwills in Omaha and they had an adorable set of those little decorative nesting boxes…I forget now who makes them…anyway they were $12 for the set of three!! YIKES!! And they were small boxes too!! I couldn't believe it!! I left them on the shelf:(

  3. I still have my wagon!!! It's not on the wall. . .but can't seem to part with it! Thanks again for taking us along!

  4. The worth of original artwork doesn't depend on where you find it. If good , t's probably worth more than $50 to someone.

  5. The wooden wagon, odd shape, is from Home Interiors. My friend had one and she placed flowers in hers as suggested from their pamphlet. I believe that is dated pre-2000.

  6. The wagon was a wall hanging by Home Interiors during the Country Blue phase. I think there were a couple more pieces that created a grouping.

  7. At first I only had decor on my shelves, but recently I have also added a few paintings. I realy like it, gives just a little bit more…. And no 50 dollor's is to mutch's

  8. My Goodwills are overpriced too. I've considered not donating to them, but they are close and its convenient so I still drop stuff off. I just found your channel and I enjoy it….

  9. No I wouldn’t have spent fifty dollars on the painting. The wagon was used to put flowers in and hung on the wall. The metal thing is for coffee pods. I would probably paint the sconces a cream color and then paint the flowers.

  10. I look for watercolors that are framed, and framed photographs that are signed and numbered, especially if the city i live in, Seattle

  11. I have paintings and embroidery art, I have sketches dated from the 1930s and a women’s fashion magazine from the 1890s on my walls .. some cool pieces

  12. Great video!! Been saving some Christmas finds for Christmas in July, though I haven’t found anything to fantastic

  13. Prices have gone up at least here in Ohio they have
    Goodwill forgets these things are donated
    But I still love going there
    I think the rack was a spice rack.
    Have a wonderful day

  14. Such a shame that the project Linus blanket ended up in the charity shop. Clearly it wasn’t valued by its recipient. Love your show. xx

  15. I love the chickens and that unicorn needlepoint. I couldn't tell what kind of metal the horse was but I really liked that figurine as well.

  16. I find many shops here in Queensland where I live must check eBay asking prices before they price their (donated) items as they are so expensive they hurt my feelings. They truly take the charity out of charity shops.

  17. But you live in New England…N.E.!!😂 Also the other day you said "lobstah" and I just about lost it!! Love you!!

  18. that little bent wagon was a HomeInterior piece from a long time ago. i have one and you just put a floral arrangement in it and it hangs on the wall.

  19. 🐱good will is not non profit organization any more since they become a corporation I don't donate there any more.they raised the prices so high so the CEOs make good salary we donate our stuff to help other people but other people can't afford to buy it . I saw 10 priority boxes which belong to post office was selling at good will for $15 and beside that they begin to bring new stuff like reading glasses and sell them too good will is a second hand store how in the word they do that in some state like Maryland the good will store cashier was asking the customer if they are interested to become a club member , go figure !

  20. It’s nice that you have a Goodwill Store in your area that has a nice selection of items, but their prices are a little overwhelming on some of the items. Good luck! 😊

  21. Depends on what theme I have going on in each room. I love fantasy, things I colored or made. I'm a sentimental packrat.

  22. Goodwill is not the best. Knowing that donations are where their items come from plus my youngest daughter has Down Syndrome, I will not donate to them and only shop on discount days. They are not really what they seem and I wouldn't allow my daughter to work there. I love animal pictures but not for that price. Animal, patriotic and spiritual pictures are my pick. Had the green Pyrex when it first came out. That cup, I don't think that was in the original set or am I mistaken? What were those roosters for do you know? Love your shop with me's.

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