Graduate Transportation Systems and Design at ArtCenter College of Design

Graduate Transportation Systems and Design at ArtCenter College of Design

(quiet music) – We’re on the cusp of some huge changes in the world of transportation
after, pretty much, a hundred years of just
incremental changes right across the board, and we think there is a real need for the design community to get involved in the discussions about the
future of transportation. – We’re learning new ways to think about the built environment, to think about how people move, what’s the human condition, what is it going to be,
potentially, in the future and how we can adapt our
transportation systems to actually match that. – We really think about
how different stakeholders work together, not really for business, but how, from a conceptual
world, like utopian, kind of thinking process. Then we’re also down-to-earth. We think about how
things can actually work with all different parts and evolve with it to providing a better transportation system for delivering people and delivering stuff from point A to B. – [Man] Systems can be
something as simple as like the way you go tap your
card into the Gold Line. Simultaneously, systems can be
as big as, literally, global. So everybody touches on
hot things like automation, but, seriously, if you’re gonna create infrastructures of networks
that are gonna work for people and gonna work for those societies, you’re gonna have to have
them talk to each other. – We’re looking for a complete story. They have to show that they have identified an issue that needs solving and that they come up
with a complete package which they could then
take into the real world and hope to persuade people
that it’s worth doing. We expect a lot of teamwork
amongst the students. We help them understand
how you can actually create a much better solution when
several people have input. – We come from a number of backgounds, environmental engineering, product design, graphic design, mechanical engineering, but we have a lot of feedback
from them and it’s great because you get so many
sides to the story which, normally, we just wouldn’t. – [Man] They’re all striving for things that are really interesting and great. It’s that willingness to be flexible, get into deep research with yourself and simultaneously have broad skills that will aid everybody around you. – We want to create change. If we just teach them what is necessary to get a career currently, then in 15 years, they’ll be out date. What we really need to do is
we need to educate our students on where the world is going, or where we think the
world is going to go. – There were no jobs, which there are today in Silicon Valley, 10 or 15 years ago. And I believe, in the car companies, happens exactly the same thing. And students today, after graduation, might need to create their own jobs. – We are seeing a huge
explosion and change. We say, “Open your mind to
understand where design is going, “not just in the near future, “but even further down the road, “50 years, 100 years.” – We’re moving into some
challenges in the next few decades that are going to demand
a new kind of contributor, and, so, that’s our goal,
is to prepare people for the exciting challenges
that are facing us as you broadly look at
transportation on this planet. – We’ve had a tendency to throw technology at everything as a solution, and we’re living with some
of those repercussions today. So I like our students to be able to really think these things very carefully, so that, in the future, they’ll be able to have
a sense of confidence to make decisions and to do designing that is for a better, sustainable future. – We do like to bring
students into the program who have thought leadership, a fascination for transportation, passion and a real understanding that the future is never going
to be the same as the past.

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  1. OMG! Calvin's shirt at 2:35 is so awesome!! 😀 😀 "Breaking Bad" and a corner that somebody missed the breaking point …. Haha I love it xD

  2. I'm from India.i love to design vehicles from my Iam a graphic designer and I want to get in to transportation design industry where my skills with my passion can be used in a proper way. SADLY I don't have any Idea how to get into this university." one day I will prove my passion in design of automobile "
    Please give me any guidance
    [email protected]

  3. 1:50. Not to sound racist but Kiran does remind me of a combination of Raj from 'The Big Bang Theory' and actor/comedian Richard Ayoade (with better dress sense)


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