Graphic Design Keynote  How to get an internship overseas

Graphic Design Keynote How to get an internship overseas

Hello like Aida said My name is Liam Zalitach I am a graphic design student from George Brown I had the privlage Who got to go overseas and study design in India Along with another student Danielia Who you guys will meet later in the evening. I am going to briefly show you the work I got to do How it changed me and gave me success at such a young age. This is work I did for Ed Hardy For those of you in the audience that don’t know Ed Hardy is a retail store. If you want to be cool you pay a ton of cash for their clothes. (Chuckles) I came to India as this Canadian boy. A total fish out of water. (laughs) I was terrified… I was so scared guys. And the moment I stepped into the studio I was welcomed with open arms. Lisa and Anirduah who are the absolutely wonderful people that run the studio Treated me with such kindness as if I were their own kid. They were so nice as to invite me into their home. And gave me whatever I needed in order to be successful at my work and enjoy my time their. I was sitting in the design studio and one of the senior designers walks up to me and says He says “hey man you can draw?” I say “Ya dude I can draw…” The designer says ” you want to work on a project with us? We are designing a store for Ed Hardy.” Now my work is in all the Ed Hardy stores out there in India. Or at least the one (laughs) You will not get those types of opportunities here for internships. I can say that because I have done graphic design internships here (Canada) So I know what to expect when doing a graphic design internship here in Canada. This is some visual merchandising design stuff and spec design work I did in India. Spec work is basically designing something and then handing it off To be readapted to host or home market. So basically concept work. So you are getting a give and take of Culture here which is truly a beautiful thing to see. Because you are sharing ideals and opinions on design and life etc. which allows you to see the impact you are making on the world around you. To visually step outside your door and say heck I designed and made that yesterday… Or to see people wearing or using your design. Is just incredible… So some other “spec” work I did was Burrito Boys India. This was one of the first Burrito places to come to India. So right there your design work is having a impact on peoples first time perception of what is a Burrito. So guysI am not going to lie to you. You are going to graduate and be in direct competition with countless other students. For a very select amount of available jobs. So you are going to need to have a competitive edge! By that I mean you need to bring something of value. So you get picked over the competition. I know everyone in the audience right now wants a few more zero’s at the end of their pay cheque. It’s not unheard of to want to be paid for your skills and talents. But you need to have something that is worth paying for. Which brings me to these two incredible people over here. Great friends I can call, skype, etc And right now they are in Mumbai shooting a movie I just asked them to edit a music video for me. Now imagine going into a job interview and saying. I have these wonderful people to work with. My value now as a designer has gone up. I had the great honour of working with one of the best designers. I have ever seen. These slides are not doing him justice. Now imagine going into a interview saying you have this awesome photographer and designer to contact. Sasi the brilliant designer. This is MTR foods the equivalent to Kraft Canada out there in India And this spec graphic design work was for the Indian holiday Duval. Which is like Indian christmas. So I had the privilege to do that and it was gorgeous. ok last slide. Now I know this seems overwhelming. Its scary because you are in a new environment. You don’t know what to expect. Its normal you’re a student. But you are not alone. The design studio is invested in your success. They want you because you bring that fresh perspective. Your offering them something new. Its a give and take so you are not alone. In this. I got to work with some of the most brilliant minds. In the design industry out in India They have won countless awards. For 3 months I got to learn from them. So this is the Acer store I worked on. Everything for the most part the furniture and so on is my design. The one person I needed to report to His name was Anirudah and he is a mad genius. Go work over seas, go there with an open mind and it will be one of the greatest things you have ever done Thanks so much my name is Liam Zalitach

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