Green Decor Living Room – Interior Design Ideas

Green Decor Living Room – Interior Design Ideas

Design geeks like me eagerly await the
announcement of Pantone color of the year and for 2013 it’s emerald. Today I’m
gonna share with you some designer tips on how to incorporate emerald green and
its variations into your decor. The biggest bang for your buck is paint. It
allows you to add the color at a minimal cost and you can always paint over when
next year’s color is announced. A pillow adds a pop of color providing an instant
refresh to a sofa. Use a green throw over the arm of a chair or sofa. Update your
lampshades. Consider an accent like a glass Vaz, a book with a green cover, or a
bowl of apples. These are all great ways to incorporate green into your home
decor. So what do you think of the 2013 color of the year? Is there a shade of
green that’s gonna work its way into your home? Leave a comment and let us
know. Thanks for watching. For more design ideas and inspiration,
check us out online!

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