32 thoughts on “green screen lighting setup using LED lighting from home depot

  1. Hey Steve! Happy New Year!
    Thanks for the info on lighting the green screen. I'm actually going to go get those lights from home depot. 2 questions:
    1. What was the wattage on the those lights?
    2. Where did you get the industrial tripod stands and how much were they?

  2. Oh and one more thing…
    The size of my room is 8ft high, by 16 1/2 ft. long, by just shy of 13ft deep(wide)
    I painted my longest wall(16 1/2 ft) and made it a green screen.
    Should I make any adjustments on what I purchase, or would it be ok to get exactly what you have on the video?

  3. Steve, thanks for the tips! I saw your video a couple of days ago and bought the lights last night. Very light, durable for a home studio, low cost….I bought a little thicker zip ties so had a little challenge trying to figure out how to strap vertically.

  4. @Rotter tube reef would this fix my problem with my webcam borders, I want my self looking like a cut out during my live streams looking professional instead of me moving and seeing the border of the webcam

  5. The story of every married video editors life, wife and kids go out house is empty we’re going to production, wife and kids come home production ends. Lol

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