Hello Friends! In today’s episode we will learn how to
choose the best LED grow light for you plants – whether for growing ornamental plants
or for growing vegetables and flowering plants completely indoors. Coming up! Before we start, make sure you are subscribed
to this channel along with the bell button. There are so many plant grow lights available
in the market and choosing the best one can be a really tough job! So, Then How do you choose the right LED grow
light to grow plants indoors? There are many important factors to consider
while choosing led lights, let’s split this into 5 sections. And please follow this video till the end. Will try to keep it as concise and simple
without bothering you with too much physics. 1. The Purpose of Buying a Plant Grow Light? A grow light or plant light is an artificial
light source to stimulate plant growth by emitting a light appropriate for photosynthesis. This light spectrum is similar to that of
the sun. Grow lights are used for horticulture, indoor
gardening, plant propagation from cuttings, seed germinations, Indoor food production
– specially for those zones which do not receive adequate sunlight, indoor hydroponic
gardening and to grow aquatic plants. These are some of the cheaper options you
can find online on amazon. Most of these are some cheap products without
any warranty or proper specifications. If you want to grow indoor plants that need
very less amount of light, then you can use these options. But at your own risk as there is no warranty
and you won’t know how long they will last. The cost of these ranges anywhere from 5 dollar
for a 5 watt bulb to 30 dollar for this type of model. But the light intensity and quality of photons
they emit is too low and you may require multiple number of lights kept too close to the plants
which is practically difficult. The best option is to invest on a good quality
reliable grow light like atleast a TS-1000 grow light from Mar-Hydro Company. It’s a very reliable company and into this
LED grow light business since 9 years. They have a lot of products and models of
LED grow lights and even grow tents for different uses. You can check their website I have linked that in description below. This TS-1000 set up costs around 200 USD for
this powerful 150 Watt light including this beautifully designed large grow tent. You can find links to these products in the
description below. Now lets move on to the next factor in choosing
your grow light: 2. LIGHT INTENSITY: This is the most important
factor. It simply means the amount of light a bulb
emits out. We will not go into physics or science of
this. But To decide on this, check out the manufacturer’s
recommended foot print to know the area in square foot covered by this light. For example, this TS-1000 model covers a 3
x 3 feet in bloom stage and 4 x 4 feet in the vegetative stage with a distance of about
18 inch and 24 inch from the source respectively. If you know a bit of physics, You should also
look into PPF, PAR chart and PPE values given by the manufacturer to decide on the light
intensity. Few more tips on this: The light is most intense
at the middle of the light source and less intense at the peripheries. Seedlings and Young plants require cooler
light intensities than vegetative and blooming plants. So, this can be achieved by either increasing
the distance of these from the light source or placing seedlings and younger plants at
the peripheral areas. 3. COLOR SPECTRUM: Make sure you pick the correct
spectrum depending on which stage your plant is in like the vegetative stage or the blooming
stage or a full cycle of growth from seedling to harvesting stage. There are two types of spectums for LED lights
– Targeted and the Broad Spectrum. More blue spectrum is better for Veg, Red
is better for flowering stage and some fixtures have a tunable spectrum like red only or blue
or stuff like that. This Mars-Hydro Ts-1000 is a broad spectrum
led light which works perfectly from seedling stage to harvest stage. You only need to adjust the distance using
the rachet mechanism provided. You can look at these multi color LEDs. This is actually very bright, though in camera
it may not appear that much bright. This one also got a dimmer screw right here. You can dim this further depending on your
needs. 4. WATTAGE: or the electrical power measured
in Watts. This actually does not determine the intensity
or the quality of light. This only gives you a general idea on how
powerful your led grow light is. The model number like TS-1000 doesn’t mean
1000 Watts. Make sure you do not misinterpret this number. This Mars-hydro light is about 150 Watts. One thing you may need to know here is: How
many watts are required for the area in square foot. Generally 30 to 50 Watt is required for 1
foot x 1 foot area of coverage. Like about 30 watt or even less for veg stage
or indoor plants and about 50 watt per square foot for flowering plants. 5. WARRANTY: 99 percent LED lights from good
companies will never have any problem and they have a very high lifespan of atleast
50,000 hours of usage. But still go for a company that provides a
warranty of atleast 1 year. Mars-Hydro offers a 3 year extensive warranty
on every grow light they sell. That’s really good! You can use discount code GARDENTIPS and avail
a discount on their website Link is provided in the description below. So, there you have it folks. Please Like, Share and comment below with
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