Gymnasium А+

Gymnasium А+

The Gymnasium A+ extends the complex of educational institutions on the territory of Comfort Town. The Gymnasium A+ accommodates 600 students from 3 to 11 grade. When we got a construction site, there were a large amount of restrictions including sanitary. As a result, we have come to the optimal shape of the building – it is a square. Also one of the biggest features of this project is the roof, which continues the theme of pitched roofs of Comfort Town Here the roofs are asymmetrical with free slopes. So we get completely different foreshortening. While walking along sufficiently extended facades, there is not similar sight. When we began with Comfort Town, the Soviet time buildings in neighborhoods were infinitely dreary. Presently the site for the school was surrounded by the colorful bright, cheerful buildings of Comfort Town built according to our projects. We asked question: created a contrast against the background of gray and dull buildings, was crossed out in bright colors, so it makes sense to create a contrast again. It may be necessary to go to a chromatic scale of bright colors? We decided on another experiment To make an absolutely achromatic architectural composition аgainst the background of colored Comfort Town. The school building has a lot of shades of gray. What is the fundamental difference? In Comfort Town, the main work is done by color, while in school the emphasis is on another format of architectural expressiveness. is on another format of architectural expressiveness. There works the material. There works an unusual texture of light shagreen on the metal roof. Special plaster works – thin with a very interesting shade. The Armenian basalt works, which was specially brought to give the school a serious fundamental character of academic education. The school building is achromatic. But it is located on a bright enough landscaping. The school contrasts with residential buildings, which is its background as well as bright landscaping. In this way the shape of the building is emphasized, which stands out with interesting roofs and underlines the functional feature of the building. When the main compositional solutions were ready we began to develop planning solutions. The corridor system of classes best fit into the square. Instead of dead-end corridors, we designed a “ring-square”. A corridor that does not break, but goes in a ring all over the building. The functional-planning scheme of the school is as follows: On the ground floor there is a canteen and a cafeteria, which is designed not only for children, but also for parents who may come for students at the end / beginning of the school day; On the ground floor there is a large gym. and a big teacher’s room, which is done in an unconventional way. It is not usual cabinet system, but a big open space so that you can comfortably spend time outside the lessons, communicate with colleagues and improve your skills; On the first floor there is an Assembly hall with 200 seats. as well as the second gym, which is smaller and designed for fighting sports; There is a separate block of elementary school classes, which have their own recreational space, their own dressing room; on the second floor there is a lecture hall this is not a mandatory room for schools, but it is optional for the opportunity of holding events, for a large number of students. One of the features of the school complex is that there is a greenhouse and a small vegetable garden on it Igor Vladimirovich Nikonov, President of KAN Development, set us the task of making the best school in the city Therefore, the school building is not only innovative in architecture, but also in engineering concept. We made a huge field of 160 wells of a geothermal heat pump. Each of them is 60-meter depth. They completely provide the school building with heat and cold. This allowed us to disconnect from the originally provided connection to the urban heating networks. Such an approach in the future will save significant funds for school operation. The heat pump has one more component – it is good for the city. We get energy and do not emit greenhouse gases. Even if these emissions are not concentrated on the territory of the complex, but somewhere in the TPS, we have no relation to them.

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  1. Красивое здание, жаль что спрятано в середине квартала и мало людей его видят.

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