Hacks For Arranging Your Bedroom

Hacks For Arranging Your Bedroom

Home is where the heart is — but what if
your home doesn’t feel quite as homey as you’d like? According to the pros, the most important
part of your home is your bedroom. So here are your expert-approved hacks for
creating the dreamiest space around! Start with the bed Numerous experts recommend starting with bed
placement and then arranging everything else around it. California-based designer, Becki Owens, tells
Apartment Therapy the best place for the bed is usually “…your longest uninterrupted wall.” “Don’t be afraid to put your bed up against
a window if necessary.” “The aim here is to make the bed a focal point
of the room.” Libby McMillan, editor at Apartment Guide,
recommends also asking yourself whether or not you like to watch TV in bed. Try out different arrangements until you land
on one that works for you. Focus on symmetry Anna Shiwlall, a California-based interior
designer, says, “Symmetry is key. Giving the space visual balance calms the
mind and makes the room much more comfortable and livable.” So while you can always pop in matching night
tables and reading lamps, she’s also got a few tricks up her sleeve, saying, “You can give the illusion that there’s another
window by adding a mirror that’s the same size on the other side of your bed. It gives great symmetry and opens up the space.” According to Nebraska-based interior designer,
Genevieve Wilhelm, the placement of the bed also affects lines of sight. She says, “I always try and place the bed so that you
see the front of it when entering the room. I think it’s great to come in and see a bed
face-on instead of walking into the side of it.” Hit the sheets According to Terry Cralle, a registered nurse
who works with the Better Sleep Council, good bedding is a worthy investment. She says, “We spend one-third of our lives sleeping,
and that sleep is fundamental to our functioning: our health, our general well-being, our success,
our quality of life.” When it comes to sheets, Stephen Cardino home
fashion director at Macy’s, tells Real Simple that 100 percent Egyptian cotton is the most
top-of-the-line option, and notes that 100 percent pima cotton is the second best option,
saying, “Egyptian cotton’s long fibers produce sheets
that are thin and sumptuous yet extremely strong and long-lasting.” Maximize storage Especially if your room is small, HGTV’s experts
say furniture with built-in storage gets you more bang for your buck. UK interior stylist, Ana Zuravliova, recommends
Ikea shelves like the Kallax line that “…can be painted and personalized, so you
can create a piece of furniture that’s personal to you, as well as enabling you to organize
your room better.” Additionally, Nick Fu, owner of a home furnishing
company in Washington D.C., says, “If you’re limited for floor space, [vertical
storage] will take up less space in the room.” “Build shelves on your walls, use closet organizers
that hang for shoes and shirts, and utilize bookcases with multiple levels to showcase
pictures and other personal items.” Use soothing colors Genevieve Wilhelm achieves a calm, serene
bedroom environment with a “Monochromatic color palette, [such as] soft grays, whites,
[and] light blues.” The benefit of working off a neutral base,
Wilhelm says, is that you can then “Swap out [accent pieces] with different seasons or
trends because [your] main investment pieces are neutral.” Zuravliova also notes, “White and light colors work well with a warm
accent, like blush, rust, or deep teal. All of these shades are trending at the moment.” Mix textures San Francisco-based designer Alice Chiu also
recommends adding depth to your bedroom by mixing in different fabric textures. She says, “Texture helps to transform light and adds
dimension to a space. Rough and coarse textures reflect less light
and feel warmer, so adding a fleece blanket, mohair throw pillows, or a shag rug to your
bedroom will help make it more inviting.” Play with light You can also add depth, warmth, and trendy
accents to your room by incorporating different types of lighting. Chiu says, “A poorly lit room comes across as unpleasant
and not inviting. Include different layers of light from ceiling
lights to table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces… Adding a combination of light sources helps
make the space more warm, cozy, and cheerful.” Add some feng shui Interior designer and feng shui master Catherine
Brophy tells Real Simple that feng shui is “A practice based on the idea that our homes
are a mirror of what’s happening inside us. The purpose of feng shui is to get your environment
in alignment with who you are and where you want to go — to harmonize your energy with
your home’s energy.” According to Brophy, it’s important to carefully
consider “…what you bring in, how you arrange your
rooms, and how you maintain the place.” “Everything has energy… Feng shui helps guide that energy and lets
it flow freely throughout your home.” Make sure there are clear paths from place
to place in each room, as well as incorporating a mix of shapes. As Brophy explains, “Squares represent earth; rectangles, wood;
triangles, fire. Round and oval items represent metal. [A room] will feel most balanced if it includes
all of them.” As life coach and Oprah contributor Martha
Beck puts it, “Your surroundings are an expression of your
inner state. You can’t change your life without changing
your stuff, and you can’t change your stuff without changing your life. I now fill my rooms with things that energize
and delight me. Mostly.” Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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44 thoughts on “Hacks For Arranging Your Bedroom

  1. my room is so freaking big uggggghhhh i really dont know wat to do with it anymore any tips to do with it

  2. Not to be racist or anything but a white lady professionalizing in feng shui isn't very appealing to my trust of her knowledge in comparison if an Asian Lady was professionalized in Feng Shui

  3. My problem is my bedroom has a door on 2 of the 4 walls and a closet on one wall leaving only one wall left which has a giant window on it. I am very limited with where i can put things and on top of that i cant hang anything on the wall. I have been craving a bedroom makeover for so long but it just will not work

  4. So basically I’m an interior designer in training so these are my opinions; neutral colors like white for walls is best then add pops of color with plants, cushions etc but you need a theme like forest, glam anything you love really but then you have to create your space big or small around that theme then if the room is awkwardly sized like my childhood one have the bed infront of the window if possible

  5. According to me and myself, if you're not a fan of making your bed, place the bed where it can't be seen when you walk pass your room's door.

    That way, you decrease the chance of your mom telling you to tidy it up. At least, it worked for me

  6. What if you have a door on 3 walls and three stairs and you also have a huge window and one of the doors is a double door

  7. my room is such an odd shape, i have an attic room and is L-shaped, but i also have a widow which has like an indent in it, and when you walk in there’s about 1m and a half of space so i can’t put anything there idk what the hell to do

  8. Purge! I live in a 900 square foot home that is both airy and spacious. If you have not used it, wore it, or it simply does not flow with your direction, get rid of it. You will be amazed when you experience the weightlessness of that which drags you down.

  9. I want my bed in front on my window but I don’t want my head to be in front of the window, I want my head to be closer to the wall on the right side of my window and my feet to come out to the window so I can sit at the bottom of my bed and be in front of the window but I can’t do that because my bed isn’t long enough because my window is all the way at the other side of the wall and I can’t put my bed over there at the other side because my closet door is there 😭😫😂

  10. ok but what if i have one door on 2 of my walls and 2 doors on the third, and a huge window on the last empty one.. HELPPP

  11. I cant do symmetry in my room because the middle of the wall is where the outlets are so if i put my bed in the centre it blocks the outlets lol

  12. I live with my mom and sister there originally only 2 bedrooms and my sister and I can’t share it just doesn’t work, so what was supposed to be the dining room became my room and it’s so small and there’s a huge Ray heater in the long Maine wall and it’s so difficult cause everyone else has the biggest rooms where they have extra space and I don’t have enough and there’s 1 outlet on the other side of the room from where I have to keep my bad cause the long huge ray heater!

  13. I hate this modern kind of decor it’s so ugly to me I love more of the cottage style stuff with plants and books and open windows and stuff:/I can’t be the only one.

  14. My mom is moving my sister into my big room and I have to have the small room and my sister’s giant room is getting turned into the office which sucks because I get a tiny room

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