Handmade interior doll’s Gymnastics presentation | Interjerinės lėlytės – pristatymas

Handmade interior doll’s Gymnastics presentation | Interjerinės lėlytės – pristatymas

Hello, I’ll present you the latest doll
made on an individual order. For a ballerina girl. Name of this doll is Ballerina. As always, the doll is packed in a gift box You are able to undress this doll. She has a friend – bunny Bouquet of flowers More specifically, one large flower 🙂 And here is the beauty. As I mentioned before you can undress this doll. I have made a clay cake pendant. We will start from the skirt. This doll doesn’t have many clothes. A skirt with a sticker in the back decorations shirt handmade leather shoes This doll has hair clips Hair decorations Because this doll has a head full of hair You can try different hairstyles and comb her hair. How I already said in earlier videos to comb wavy hair is more difficult. They tangle more. But… nothing is imposible 🙂 You are free to comb without fear while holding her head And we’ll make a light bun. Pin with the same clips. This doll is made with a hard head. That is why It is not soft. There is a ball inside. The rest of the body is soft. This doll also has hands that are bendable. Feet are made in a way that allows this doll to stand without shoes. And now purposely doesn’t stand :))
Soft surface… There. Well now let’s dress up the doll. Underwear are matched up with the festive ballerina’s shirt. To make the shirt (body) for this tipe of doll is pretty hard. If this was a doll where you can take of her clothes there would not be problems. But because the doll is undressible it is a little bit harder. That’s why I separated them into 2 parts. Matching underwear and shirt. Skirt. Shoes. The eyes are made with special cloth dye for dolls. Cheeks are also dyed with this dye. Well then now we will put on the accessory on her hand. That’s it good day to you. Sun is shining here and I hope it is also shining where you are 🙂 Because winter is here outside it is a little bit colder. Sun came out and brought delight at least to my home 🙂 Have a good day, goodbye. Also this doll has a belt. It can be used to tie around the waist. It can be used as a hair accessory. The hair are glued together with hot glue. Because it is not really possible to sew hair to a firm head. If you want sewn hair it is important to inform me about that. And keep in mind that the head would have to be made of a soft ball. This option is also possible. I leave freedom to your fantasy. :))

12 thoughts on “Handmade interior doll’s Gymnastics presentation | Interjerinės lėlytės – pristatymas

  1. Очень красивая кукла ) Супер ) Ей можно ещё что – нибудь зашить ) Класс ! )))

  2. Миленькая куколка, мне нравится, что вся одежда съёмная. Все аккуратно сшито

  3. меня музыка заставила смотреть по сторонам.искала.откуда звук…всё прекрасно.но считаю на мастер-классе музыка не уместна..не обижайтесь.мы ловим каждый звук.а тут не нужные звуки…

  4. так балерина или гимнастка? на фото девочку-гимнастку показали..

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