Happy Birthday Decorating Den Interiors

Happy Birthday Decorating Den Interiors

This year Decorating Den Interiors celebrates their 50th year in business! What a milestone! Hi I’m Amanda. I’m a certified interior decorator, and a mother. And I’m Ryan. I’m an ER doctor My wife’s business partner, and I’m the videographer. And we’re the proud owners of decorating den interiors in Spokane, Washington Decorating Den is the leader in the decorating industry. And here’s why. We’re an in-home concierge decorating service. Think of us as a decorator for the busy person We specialize in custom furnishings from some of the top manufacturers in America and together with our clients We determine the scope of the project and see it through to the end. We have hundreds of samples that we bring to your home to ensure a perfect match with your existing furniture and your existing lighting. No project is too big or too small. best of all We rarely charge design fees That means that our clients get the products that they want and need and the design is included And if you’re just looking for some advice or looking to start a remodel, we can do that, too! To learn more about us or decorating den, please take a look around our website or our youtube channel We appreciate you stopping by

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  1. What a great surprise to find this video in my inbox. Once again great job and you’re making me think seriously about sprucing the place up a bit!

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