Hayward ColorLogic LED Lighting Family

Hayward ColorLogic LED Lighting Family

Hayward’s ColorLogic LED Lighting Family can illuminate virtually every corner of your outdoor oasis
with vibrant color. These versatile lights deliver expertly coordinated, spectacular
color to pools, spas, and other backyard features. With 10 vibrant solid colors and 7 exciting
color-changing shows, ColorLogic lets you compose the perfect theme for any occasion—from
romantic evening to backyard holiday to birthday bash. The ColorLogic family of lights is low-voltage
and UL-listed for safe wall and floor installation. Plus they last 10 times longer than incandescent
bulbs. Hayward’s Universal ColorLogic full-size pool and spa lights are 100% brighter than
any other color LED light, and can save you up to 86% on energy costs. To bring your water
features to life at night, or for more discreet pool and spa lighting, Hayward’s 1.5-inch
lights are perfect to highlight bubblers, baja shelves, steps, benches, and even landscaping!
Why settle for dull, white incandescent lights? Let Hayward’s ColorLogic LED lights transform
your backyard into the place everyone wants to be. Visit Hayward.com/colorlogic today
to find a Hayward Lighting Dealer near you.

7 thoughts on “Hayward ColorLogic LED Lighting Family

  1. I just completed my pool build and with all your latest products, and I am loving everything… especially the access i have from the app to control my deck jet lights, bubbler lights, blowers, heater, pool/spa lighting, spill over, water bowls, torches & heater.

    Question: I have the same heater (natural gas), 2 months old, and I smell semi-strong C/O. The install Gas company says all lines check out, and heater checks out. They said the fix is to have my gas company do a meter upgrade, basically saying my pressure should be increased. Does this make sense?

  2. We had our pool installed in June 2017 and bought the Hayward Color Logic LED lights for our pool. March 2019 and one doesn't work and the other one flickers different colors. Pool Company says that the lights are covered under the warranty and will replace both lights. The guy also said that their company stopped using Hayward Lights because of the problems that they were having with the lights being defective and not working very long.

  3. Hello, I have colorlogic 320 lights. Can you please link the switch or device that makes it possible to control my lights via wifi or phone app?

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