HAZARD And Turning Lights for Cycle…

HAZARD And Turning Lights for Cycle…

Friends, as you are watching in this video,
in this video we are going to make a hazard light or turning indicator.. or we can use it as a turning signal or indicator
its very easy to make so lets see how to make it… so lets get started… first we have to
take a pipe which we can buy from a medical store… and now we have
to cut it according to our cycle handel bar we have to cut it into two small pieces now I
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just like our facebook page and follow us and friends now we have to take two led which
we have to enter into the pipe at both ends if it not fit into the pipe just heat it then
it will be easy to fit into the pipe…friends by using this method we have to make a
pair of this system..now we have to check that our LEDs are glowing.. now we have to
take this circuit which we have made in the previous video which we ned to blink our you can watch its videov by clicking the
upper I button … I will show you a later … to connect the wires to the LEDs
and battery into the circuit… now we have to fix the led to bar ends of our cycle now
connect the positive of both the LEDs and negative with each other now connect the led to other end of the cycle now we have to connect the LEDs positive to each other and
negative with other.. after connecting the wires first check that both LEDs are glowing
or not.. I have drilled a hole in the cycle handle
and I have entered a wire through the handle of cycle near brakes… now join the wire
to the LEDs now we can solder the wires turn the leds
to down side and now connect the wires to the LEDs and soulder it… now join the wires at the other end of cycle… and
sholder them now check that our both leds are glowing or not now we can connect the
wires with the switch and battery we have con nect the negative of both the leds and
postive to the switch left and right and a push button to both wires of the switch after
joining the wires we can paste the push button on the switch like this now we have connected
the circuit and the battery ….. now lets see how we have done it first we have connected
both the led s negative wire and both the positive wires to switch on both sides now
we have taken a switch whose wires we have connected at both side of the switch now we
have taken the circuit negative wire we have connected to the battery negative and positive
wire to the positive of the battery. and the middle wire of the circuit to the negative
of the leds and then we have taken a wire which I have connected to the battery posiive
to middle of the switch,,, like this we have to connect all these wires… and now we can
glow leds and our cuircuit works perfectly if we press the push button our both leds
glow and if we on the switch to the left side then our left side leds glow and if we on
the switch to the right side and if we stop the switch to middle then our leds are off
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