HDR Image-Based Lighting in Blender | INTRODUCTION (1/7)

HDR Image-Based Lighting in Blender | INTRODUCTION (1/7)

hey what’s up Gleb Alexandrov here for Creative Shrimp.com I’m so excited to present to you guys a new crash course on HDR image based lighting in blender to get you up and running so keep watching using high dynamic range image to illuminate your scene is an opportunity to achieve incredible realism all of us have seen these renders with a very distinct amazing lighting on our station and other galleries and indeed it almost looks magical when you can take the real-world lighting data and you apply it to 3d objects in your scene for varieties of different styles and looks and probably that’s the easiest way to set up lighting for realistic renders in blender without losing the creative control over the process and you probably wonder how the heck do they set up something like this? if you have some knowledge of blender but at the same time you have just started tinkering with HDR image based lighting, it may seem very daunting at first because you can really stumble across some problems such as being practically unable to control these type of lighting. what if I want to add the rim light to make the fill component of the light stronger and so on, or maybe want to set the strength up to increase the intensity of lighting. as the result the background gets completely blown out and if you bring the intensity down the object becomes too dark so we just toggle between the different HDR panoramas trying to capture the mood that you envisioned but you cannot quite do it and it looks blown out and where are the shadows? hmm that’s weird there are a bunch of small things that can really spoil the fun. that said the HDR images themselves can be awesome and still the final result the final render can look kind of weird. how fortunate is that we can use rubber ducks, coffee and some technical skills to get a completely different result that actually looks great now that’s a shrimpy lighting dammit it’s much much easier than you thought that’s exactly why we decided to record this series of tutorials so, tadam! make sure to check out this HDR image based lighting in blender. that’s a premium or rather a fremium series of tutorials about this lighting technique that everybody is so energized about essentially what we try to do is describe the whole image lighting workflow for you from start to finish. so what will you actually learn after watching this course? we’ll get started by exploring the essentials of the image based lighting in blender we’ll be talking about how to tweak the basic light qualities: the direction, brightness, color and so on, and also how to regain the artistic control over the lighting process and explore different moods and styles of lighting. we’ve also got a glimpse into the look and feel development. the next thing that we’ll do is experiment with the high dynamic range and talk about the benefits of the 32 bit images and how we can use it to its full potential. there will be some theoretical stuff involved of course so we’ll try to develop the intuition about how the high dynamic range really works and what we can do with it to produce the amazing rubber ducks and lighting the third chapter of this tutorial series will be color management to really control the lighting in your scenes you just have to master the color management as well. people also call it tone mapping and that’s a crucial component in this lighting workflow. specifically we’ll explore the difference between the blender default srgb and the filmic color management which basically will allow us to get more photoreal results. I’m slightly suspicious about this word “photoreal” but anyway. after that we’ll take a look at how we can render 360 degrees HDR panoramas in blender that will pretty much conclude the series and for the bonus tutorial we’ll take a look at the seven qualities of light just to get a better understanding of light in general this course is aimed at the intermediate users so we’ll be moving pretty fast but we also tried to make it accessible for beginners. all the project files are included so you can follow along. this series of tutorials is 100% blender so we only just blender to finish it and finally it’s fremium it’s like premium plus free and you can get it for free if you want and if you’d like to pay for it you can pay as much as you want go ahead and check the link in the description to download it

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  1. Yess!! Full Support Gleb! Thank you! Will be looking forward to future videos 🙂 Gonna be waiting 😉

  2. Once I get good internet I will pay $20 Gleb! Just cause… you know.. You are awesome and deserve it! Thank you for your hard work and tutorials 🙂

  3. The Gumroad page is working fine now, everybody thanks for your patience!! Now let's think about good things: rubber ducks for example. Shrimps. Coffee beans.

  4. Downloads, sales and interactions on gumroad streaming in like CRAZY!! keep it going. unleash the shrimpsanity.

  5. Holymoly…thats awesome…actually for free but i really want to spend 90348756039487650394857609857 dollars on it!

  6. I love the fact that you're also giving it away for free to those who genuinely can't afford it. For me, there's no may I wont pay you for this. 🙂

    Thanks for everything, Gleb!

  7. Ok. Couldn't help it…
    My 20$+VAT went to this new course. I'm really enjoying the Space VFX course, so I didn't have a doubt this is going to be worthy 🙂

  8. Gleb… filmic log based renders with color lookup tables to speed up color grading, I've been doing a lot of research on it (and I know you are too, I've seen you commenting on videos buried in YouTube searches!) Tutorial on Log>Lut>Final soon?

  9. Wow, when I first heard about the freemium thing in a previous video (or perhaps from Blenderguru?) I was tempted to go Mehh. But I really thinkthe pay-what-you-want thing will work out for you, Gleb!

  10. I'm convinced Gleb is an extraterrestrial sent here to consume our coffee and make us think differently about the way we work. Can't wait to start this series!! Thanks Gleb!!

  11. OMG this is amazing! For now I can't pay for this, but when I can I wil suport for this lovely project! So much love from Brazil to you! <3 <3 <3

  12. Hey Gleb. This is going to be an awesome series. I remember struggling greatly with HDR based lighting when I first started using it years ago. I hope this will really help people embrace the true potential that HDR images have in CG. I'll definitely be picking up a copy myself to take advantage of those little tips and tricks that I always pick up from your stuff. And I'll be sure to pay a little bit for it to help support that coffee habit of yours! Cheers my friend.

  13. I've still not watched all of Space VFX yet! I'll be buying this because you've given so much for free!

  14. It's WONDERFUL. I just adore Gleb's breathless excitement as he delivers clear information at a speed most of us can keep up with. Worth every penny – you did pay for it, right!? Gleb is a family man now – he needs the dough! 🙂

  15. thank you for explaining image based lightning. its truly remarkable how reflections change the quality of your renders as opposed to regular world lightning.

  16. Hi Gleb! I've been an architect for two months and i work with 3DS Max and Corona Renderer currently.. with whom I have exactly the same problems described by you! Proposed solutions and theory can be applied in other programs? I have never used a blender, but I usually work with the node-based editor of Max.
    Sorry for my bad English, I'm an Italian fan 🙂

  17. thanks mate for the tutorial…i loved the trailer so i thought its worth really something and hence i decided to pay and buy it 🙂

  18. Thank you a million… everything you teach is very helpful.
    i don't know how to thank you, and i gotta say your work is very wonderful….
    i am a beginner and your tutorial helped me a lot.
    THANKS again!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Нуептваюмать имя и фамилия русские, думаю гуд. Но нет( уроки класс, но на русском бы

  20. This theme music (intro and outro) is so so great… sadly Shazam couldn't find it haha xd I wonder if anyone could let me know what it is 😅😊 It's great tutorial, you're awesome 😁

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