100 thoughts on “Her FIRST MOVIE❄️

  1. The way Jeremy talked to Naenae about the movie and told what could happen made my heart happy.
    been watching since 2015. so much love to your beautiful family.

  2. Hello J House! I'm Ainsley and I have a book recommendation for your family! When i was in 6th grade (last year) my English teacher made us read a book (my class). The book was Island of the Blue Dolphins. I loved that book so much! I think you guys should do a family read aloud with your family. I really hope not everyone in your family have read it yet. I think Elise will like it the best. Please like this comment so they can see this! Anyways, have a good day and I love your family! -Your fan Ainsley

  3. I loved frozen 2! it was so good! I'm 11 and I have to admit I did cry at some bits but so badly wan to see it again. I saw it yesterday.

  4. Kendra, something my mom told me to do when I get overwhelmed and supper stressed out is. Just take it 10 minutes at a time. Like, don't worry about anything more than what's happening in the next 10 minutes. I hope this helped, if you read it.

  5. I loved that movie I saw it with one of my best friends I am so happy that you saw it janae is so cute and your kids are so smart your channel has also grown so much over the years I love j house vlogs and thank you so much for being a part of my life and making me smile

  6. Ok Jeremy is the best dad! Comforting Janae and making her feel excited and aware of the movie ❤️ I hope I find a husband like him one day 😊

  7. You are amazing Kendra, and I would love to see a hug or a kiss from both of you. At least in one time… You both deserve it. Love your kids… Blessings!! 🤗

  8. Oh, Kendra! I can totally relate to that feeling of overwhelmed! In fact, I had quite a pity party this afternoon. I overwhelm myself – my mind nevr turns off and I go round & round in circles & yeah. Its exhausting. I, like you, am trying to focus on my blessings & being grateful. I'm also trying to remember that I don't have to have all the answers right now. I don't know God's plan & I don't know when He will reveal it to me. But, I need to just keep taking the next step & when its meant to be I'll know. Good luck to you. I'll be praying for peace & rest for both of us!😊

  9. I think everyone gets sick of the previews they last about half an hour before the film starts so she’s not the only one

  10. Be strong j house and maybe have some more dance parties.If i remember correctly it always makes you happy.The more happy times you have the less room there is for all those discouraging and sad thoughts.And if you have to make a cake then fling it on the floor!!

  11. been watching since laura was around a year old. and i stopped watching for like a year or so and then i found out janae had been born and been watching ever since 💞

  12. so… i have a question. Does isaac know what college he wants to go to yet?? i know its a little early, but my brother goes to the usafa and i want to go so i already started training. Just asking 🙂

  13. J house out I cannot go to the movies can you make a video telling us how Frozen 2 was uneven can you show us the clip again please because I am not going to the movie theater plays and I know that it's going to be so upset for me please please please I want to watch the Frozen 2 movie with you guys okay my name is Wanda J house out

  14. I totally feel you Kendra! I’m in highschool and it’s my junior year! I’m constantly busy with homework and band competitions and choir competitions and everything, sometimes I just feel tired and like I have too much to do! It’s not quite the same but it still affects us all somehow. I try to find rest in the things I do, like how music makes me happy. And sometimes I need to do music that’s different from my competition music in order for it not to feel like work. Like instead of playing my etudes on my flute, I will play my ukulele because it doesn’t feel like practice. But it’s still the music I need for my soul to be happy. I find rest in things that I can do that aren’t as stressful.

  15. I'm so excited for the movie because it's based off of Norway and I'm Norwegian to so it's really cool that I get to learn more about my culture

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