Here’s Why You Should NEVER Sleep With Your Bedroom Door Open

Here’s Why You Should NEVER Sleep With Your Bedroom Door Open

A fire department has issued a warning on
how important it is to keep your bedroom door closed when you sleep. You might not have ever been told before that
the difference between keeping your door open and closed could be fatal. Welcome back to inform overload, I’m charlotte
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and follow us on instagram. Before I get into this video, tell me Do you
sleep with your bedroom door open or closed? I’m a super light sleeper and I have a roommate
who stays up late so I keep it closed. I’m also low key afraid of the boogeyman. Write your responses down there in the comments,
There are plenty of reasons to keep either yours or your child’s bedroom door open. Maybe you want your pets to be able to come
and go freely.. Maybe you just don’t want to sleep in complete
darkness and keeping your door open adds a bit of light into your room. And Maybe your children are afraid to keep
their bedroom doors closed. The last reason is actually the most common. Its actually more common for people to sleep
with their bedroom door open rather than closed. According to a survey by the safety science
organization UL, almost 60 percent of people sleep with their bedroom door open. But there’s actually a very good reason
to make sure that both you, and your children sleep with your bedroom door closed, and it
has to do with fire. The Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department has
issued a warning to parents after a closed door could have saved somebody’s life. The post was shared by a firefighter who also
has children. They said on facebook, as a parent its hard
to convince little kids to sleep with their door closed. They always want it open just a little. I do a lot of fire prevention at schools,
so one thing I try and stress to the kids is, how important it is to sleep with the
door closed. Just across the sound there was a fire in
new Fairfield. This morning members of the new Fairfield’s
fire departments along with the mutual aid departments responded to a residential structure
fire. The homeowners and family dog are doing well. The door picture in both of the photos is
a holoce core door to a bedroom, while the front of the door is severely damaged, the
closed door protected the bedroom and its contents. If this were an occupied bedroom, the closed
door could have saved alife. The cause and origin of the fire are under
investigation and believed to be accidental in nature. They shared two photos of the door side by
side, one of the photos showed the door from the outside where the fire was, one showed
the door from the inside, it practically looks like a new door. Keeping all doors closed while you sleep also
prevents the spread of smoke in case there is a fire. Modern houses are filled with plastics mostly,
in furniture. Fumes from these plastics when they burn is
toxic. The post quickly went viral and garnered thousands
of comments and shares, which helped spread the word. I guess a lot of people didn’t know about
the benefits of keeping your bedroom door closed. Here are a few more tips for fire safety that
could save your life. Turn off and unplug electrical appliances
unless they are designed to be left on, like your fridge or freezer. This is especially true for those pretty little
tea lights or cheap Christmas lights that you get from the dollar store. Never leave a candle or incense burning while
you’re asleep. Make sure you put out your cigarettes by wetting
them. Do not smoke cigarettes in bed. And its always important to have a fire detector
in all the bedrooms as well. A closed door wont help in this case. So guys, when you go to sleep at night, brush
your teeth, put on your pjs, and close your door. Making a closed door part of your nightly
routine literally could mean the difference between life and death. For now im going to wrap up this video with
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100 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should NEVER Sleep With Your Bedroom Door Open

  1. I like keeping mine closed cause um pretty sure there's something out there watching me……and cause im afraid of my kitchen silverware

  2. I normally sleep with my door ajar so it isn’t completely shut mostly so my dog doesn’t wake me up when she wants to come in or leave

  3. I always keep my door shut because if I hear someone downstairs breaking open it holds them back so I can have a little more time to find a weapon. aaaaaaaaand I play online games at night and I don’t want to wake my family.

  4. I can’t sleep with my door open. It’s actually really scary. If I keep it open and fall asleep, I wake up every 5 minutes because of nightmares and have to close it.

  5. I showed my dad this, he said not to worry because he leaves things that can burn turn off and around random places in the house and our rooms are far away from eletronics but we have some here but only littles

  6. I’ve always slept with my door closed. When I was little I swear I used to see figures wandering outside the door so always shut it. I do have to sleep with a nightlight though at the age of 25… boyfriend loves it 😂

  7. My dad always opens his bedroom door he says he finds it hard to breathe with it closed but I always have it shut .I didn’t even watch the video before sending this to him

  8. I sleep with my door open because hmm you know if someone stares at me at the bottom of my bed I can run or scare it away like that one … time 😓

  9. I keep it closed cause I have anxiety that someone will come into my room and kill me in my sleep or kidnap me or some bed bug will attack me or some made up creature will kill me. that’s just the anxiety I have. I used to keep it open a lil bit with light because of why I now close it.

  10. i keep my window open just because i hate getting heated up, but the goddamn wind keeps opening the door! i wish that i could love to feel the cold against my skin. like elsa said: "the cold never bothered me anyway." what can i say, i might be half yuki onna.

  11. Hey I’m the president potato chip and I’m here to make sure my potato country is great again ( OMG PLS FEATURE THIS COMMENT)

  12. I sleep with it closed. I've tried sleeping with it opened once, and could not sleep for the rest of the night.

  13. I’m not scared of the dark, I’m scared of being alone, so I leave my door open, so I can see others walking or even animals.

  14. I keep it open so my cats can come in
    I watched a video of this muffin that breaking into your house and you have to hide and it will say where it is in your house.It also broke your door down sooo.(It’s not real though lol I don’t think a Muffin will come in your house)

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