35 thoughts on “Hermitcraft 6: Episode 50 – BACK TO ARCHITECHS!

  1. 9:00 (or somewhere above) i can't believe this… if you don't get ur stuff back i will DESTROY MUMBO!!!

  2. • Big warehouse
    • Sells everything/most things
    • Semi-delivery
    • A few advanced techs for use in store
    • Made by 2 brothers emigrated from england

    Sounds like a Bunnings knockoff to me!

  3. I’ve only ever watched you two for MC tutorials, it was so cool when you started collaborating and I should start watching Iskall

  4. History of Grians pets
    Paul:went missing
    Jack Skellebone 1:died
    Jack Skellebone 2:Went missing
    Blue Parrot 1:ok
    Blue Parrot 2:ok
    Ari (sorry if I got the spelling wrong😕):ok
    Red Parrot:ok
    Green Parrot:ok
    Sally’s children:ok
    All the other fish:ok

  5. I like how grian technicals first with mumbo jumbo and then works on the design I think that’s a very good strategy

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