Hey Steve: Stuffed Animal Bedroom Drama

Hey Steve: Stuffed Animal Bedroom Drama

– Hey Steve, my wife here, we have 80 Stitch plush stuffed animals. We’ve got them all
lined up on our beds but I told my wife we really need
to throw some of them away, because they’re overcrowding our beds. So we can’t sleep properly at night. Some of them are looking at me, I feel like they’re looking at me. (audience laughs) Am I being watched when I’m sleeping? It feels like it’s almost,
on borderline, hoarding, these animals, these stuffed animals. But we don’t feel like
throwing them away because they have those pitiful looking
eyes staring back at me like “Don’t throw me away.” But I can’t sleep at night. So what should I do, Steve? – Let me talk to your
wife, stand you’re wife up. (audience applause) – Hey Steve. – You got all these bears on the bed. You don’t like the bears? – Both of us love them. – [Steve] Oh, both of you love them? – [Audience] No, he doesn’t,
I don’t really know. – So when y’all go to sleep,
what do you do with the bears? – I have some here, and
some here, some here, and I wake up with sores, sore muscles. – Wait a minute, we have a picture? (audience chatters) So, when you get in the
bed, they stay on the bed? – He gets off the bed. – He gets off the bed. So you sleep with all of them animals? – Pretty much all of them. – There’s too much of them. I know that’s right, understood that. So, how do you… Do y’all have kids? – No, no, none yet. – Not yet? You aint gon’ have none. (audience applause) Not yet. You sleep with them on the bed. Do you think that’s fair to your husband? – I guess not. – Do you work, sir? – Yes, I do. – Yeah see, so he works. The man gotta get a good night’s rest so he can go to work. (audience applause) How ’bout this? Why don’t you create a (laughs) why don’t you create
an area in the bedroom where they can stay instead of the bed? So they aint looking…
(audience applause) Oh they be looking at you? – [Man] Well, I guess we’ll try that. – I guess you’ll be
working, he’ll be going… (audience laughs) Oh yeah. No, my suggestion is, why don’t you put them in a area, what’s your name, ma’am? – Jo. – Why don’t you put them in
a area that’s in the bedroom, they have their own little corner, it be nice, and then have the bed be for activity, so
y’all can have some kids. (audience applause) – We’ll do that, we’ll do that, thank you. – Thank you. All right, Donna.

84 thoughts on “Hey Steve: Stuffed Animal Bedroom Drama

  1. If you're old enough to sleep with a husband you don't need a teddy bear. Grow up and put them away. Or watch your husband walk away. She doesn't want sex with him obviously. . No Steve. Out of the bedroom! Put them in another room entirely. She's a grown woman! Save them for the kids, give them away, pack them up, put them in another room. But get them out of the bedroom. When you'd rather sleep with a teddy bear than your man you've got more issues than you know. Please don't have kids. You're still acting like a 12 year old.

  2. Having that many stuffed animals isn't cute. It's a sign of desperation, wanting to hold on to childhood and being terrified of growing up to become an adult. It's cluttering their bed so much that it's interfering with sleep and probably prevents intimacy. I've seen couples like this before, the husband loves his wife but they won't be having any kids until some decluttering and growing up happens.

  3. Ask yourself WHY so many Are they really a substitute for a child?? Many people who have large numbers of pets that are treated like humans are using them as a substitute to care for. This could be in the same boat.

  4. The story of my life with the stuffed animals hahahahahaha 🀣🀣🀣 the guys is hilarious though LOL β€œThey have those pitiful eyes saying don’t throw me away” πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  5. Sign of the times, folks, sign of the times. Our cultures around the world are so stressful and intense that hanging onto childish things with white knuckles has become a growing epidemic. Adults need to remove their thumbs from their mouths and find more mature ways to de-stress and relax. The teeth on those stuffed critters are severe and scary to me, and would not be acceptable 'any'where in my house, yet alone where I seek peace and sleep. I mean…come onnn….!

  6. Immersetion I was implying that this was directed at you personally. It is just that I have come across this many times and it usually is with β€œempty nesters β€œ of both sexes. All the best πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Im sorry but stitch is not cute enough to be in the bed 24/7 like that . Lol im jus saying . Its either stitch or the husband ; that should been the suggestion.

  8. Snitches get Stitches
    Badum tsssss
    Edit: Why do people keep calling them bears? Is Lilo & Stitch a millennial only thing or what?

  9. I love Stitch but dang that's a lot of stuffed Stitches. Why don't they have an area in the house dedicated to them rather than the master bedroom?

  10. 1 Corinthians 13:11
    When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

  11. Hang on…so is he asking what he should do with those toys that’s bothering him? Put them somewhere else…duh. Steve probably wondering why in the world these people asking such an obvious question.

  12. I thought he actually meant bears. Y'all, that's Stitch! Not cute! Put them on display somewhere else. One Stitch, fine. 80 of them in my bed? Creepy LOL.

  13. I find nothing wrong with this but here's a way she can help her husband sleep. Find/buy a large shelf for her stuffed animals. That way you can still keep them but put them on display which will free up the bed to allow her husband to have a good night sleep πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Ppl saying she needs to grow up or she's immature…πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Please, you ppl need to grow up. No matter what your age we all different interests in things and if she likes stuffed animals, more power to her 😎😎😎

  14. from his accent i immediately tell he is Malaysian or Singaporean hahaha. which is weird since i never thought us as having accents lol

  15. Does anyone also feel like the guy is wearing his sweater the wrong way like front to back? And it's definitely a Singaporean accent btw. How did they get tickets to go?

  16. Was not expecting that many stitches lol πŸ˜‚. Could’ve at least gotten lilo too or the other ones. Ah miss my
    Child good β€œAloha means family” 😭

  17. I was waiting for him to say: thats the most asian problem ive ever heard!

    They should keep 5 of them and sell the rest!

  18. At 2:18 the chick sitting in the back with the red top. I've noticed her in other videos. She ALWAYS looks so pissed! Am I the only one that has noticed her? Lol

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