59 thoughts on “Hinojosa Family Baby Shark Christmas Lights

  1. The fact that I identified the "oh…. ok" at the end as not part of the actual song…. is a strong indication I might have a small child.

  2. Wow! Thank you SO MUCH! I have NOT heard enough of Baby Shark! You've filled the half minute of silence in my day that could only be filled by children playing quietly among themselves. Again, thank you SO MUCH. Merry Christmas.

  3. Aww that song is so cute! What a wonderful light display!
    I just watched the Hinojosa 2017 video, equally wonderful! Merry Christmas and keep it up! It made me smile!

  4. I absolutely LUV this display.🙌🙌
    I first heard this song from my neighbor's 3 yrs baby girl while we at the gym and i thought it was the cutest thing ever. She played it over and over as we began to sing with her and dance on the treadmill. lol Now, when i visit she sings it for me and we do our dance . I love it!! I'm so tempted to make the 2 1/2 drive to Boerne to bring the baby to see the display. 😏 If you see us out there dancing, just give us a wave. 👋Thanks for sharing👏👏

  5. I remember watching about this on the news his neighbors complained about the traffic and parking from visitors and said it was disturbing the neighborhood he quoted the constitution and right to freedom of expression and speech after all it's my yard I can decorate how I see fit so the city started fining him a daily fine if they were running so he started asking for donations to view and plans to sue the city and neighbors for violating his rights and to be rewarded the money back he's paid and lawyer fees as he said this shouldn't have even happened

  6. How is the Christmas music? Seems like something that should be at Disney or LV. Glad my HOA has covenants and deed restrictions that limit this type of “hey look at me” publicity plays…..

  7. I had seen that video before but I was not aware that was in your neighborhood. The very first house that went techno lights was in Mason Ohio which is close to where I live.

  8. Nice! I'm thinking to have this song part of my light show as well, and it's is going to be sung by Douglas Fir the Talking Tree

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